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4500X ios XE commands

     we are replacing two 3750E switches with 4500X using   cat4500e-universalk9.SPA.03.03.02.SG.15111.GS2     couple of questions1. is there a command reference available for this ios - can't seem to find out2. Im using GLC-T gbics and we normally w...

jschweng by Beginner
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Upgrading 3750E from 12.2(58) to 15.0(2)

Hello,I am in the process of upgrading our network switches and wondering if the .lic file will work with the new software or if I have to rehost for the move to 15.0.  Its a remote site and I would like to get some solid info before I pull the trigg...

Resolved! Cisco 4900M Configure Half Card Module

I have a cisco 4900m switch with a half card module that has 8 10Gbps RJ45 ports.  I am simply trying to enable and configure the ports but I have not yet found the documentation to achieve this and to make things worse if I run show modules I get an...

4G lte Cellular configuration

Finally installed and configuring the 4G card on my 2911 router.  I am connecting with a Verizon SIM.  I have the below configuration, but an unable to connect.  Verizon has given us a static route of, but not the mask.....Can someone...

Cisco 2960 switch and QoS

we are trying to mark traffic close to the source, by applying the configuration on the switch, as included in the attachment.Object of this config in the switch is to mark with specific dscp values, to be used in giving prioritization across the WAN...

enehring by Beginner
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VSS Feedback

Hi,we plan to implement VSS on our datacenters (C6509/Sup720), in order to remove L2 loops (currently, access layer are C3750 stacks, which could evoluate for N5K/N2K).I would like to have some feedbacks about VSS stability. Some years ago, I have se...

Stolen Sup720 DRAM/FLASH

Hi,We have several Sup720-3B engines in our stock rooms and unfortunately, someone stole all the SP/RP DRAM and SP/RP Flash. Now, we will need to purchase the replacement parts as we will use the engines in the next few months.First question, can I j...

Resolved! Switches connected as Access ports

Hi Everyone,I connected to switches together under vlan 10 as access ports they have same config as belowSwitch  1 is Root for vlan 10switchport access vlan 10switchport mode access  spanning-tree portfastSwitchA#sh spanning-tree int fastEthernet 1/0...

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
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Resolved! Adding 3550 to existing infrastructure

Hello. My apologies ahead of time for being a noob. I'm attempting to add a 3550 to an existing infrastructure. We pulled this switch from another one of our locations and moved it to the new one. I took a copy of the config from an existing 3550, ma...

Thedocfox by Beginner
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Nexus 2248 Help

Hi Team,I want to know the initial configuration for nexus 2K(2248)How to login Nexus 2k(2248)?If i connect new servers on Nexus 2k(2248) i need to do any config on nexus 2k or directly we can config inside 5K.Please check and let me know..Regards,Se...

Extended ACL: host vs any

I need to add a rule to my VTY access-list and I would like to know if there is any real difference between these two rules:access-list 100 permit tcp host range 22 telnetaccess-list 100 permit tcp an...