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Hi there i have a question in Cisco ruter and switch we have line vty and it can be line vty <0-15> <0-15> does it mean we have 16*16=256 vty?are they just used for telnet and ssh ?well i am kind of beginner so i f some dude explaint that for me i t ...

Hi,i am trying to configure 3G EHWIC-HSPA-U card in cisco 1905 router.i have done the configuration but the profile is not coming up.what can be the issue.i try my best but not able to solve yet.I have attached the configuration detail Cirrent IOS od...

Hi,Is nexus 3048 a layer 3 switch?  We were trying to configure it with a "ip default gateway command" , but it didn't accept the command.Is there any restrictions in using this command on nexus or is it a different syntax.Appreciate all inputs.

suthomas1 by Level 6
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Hi,I have a nexus 5000 with one 2232 and a 2248 connected as fex.the 5K is doing layer 3. Do i need to enable some trunking to pass vlans across to 2232 and 2248 or will it work if fex is online and all vlans are there in the N5k.thanks for all respo...

suthomas1 by Level 6
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I have recently gotten a 6509E, with dual Sup720's.   It is currently running s72033-ipservicesk9_wan-mz.122-18.SXF14.bin, and I'm trying to get it to the most current level.   From what I see it goes to 12.2(33)SXH5 but when I go to download the nex...

I have a 3560-X running LANBase.  I put it on a temporary license to get routing going and have purchased/received an upgrade license.  Here's my question:If the temporary license runs out, does the switch immediately revert to LANBase or does it wai...

Hello All,A senior engineer in my team prefers to implement QoS marking on all layers core,distribution and access layers. I disagree with him because were are using stacked switches and uplink is 1GB to distribution switches and the access switchpor...

Resolved! VLAN filtering

I wanted to stop communication between PC1 & PC2 where PC1 is in VLAN 10 and PC2 is in VLAN 20 and applied the following configurationmac access list extended MAC_FILTERpermit host <mac of PC1> host <mac of PC2>vlan access-map FILTER_MAP 10match mac ...

rehan_uet by Level 1
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