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Hello all,I've recently connected a previously unused interface from our F5 LTM to our 3560G switch.  I have the LTM interface and switchport interface both in the same VLAN.  However when I do a "show mac-address-table int g0/48" the interface doesn...

Was hoping someone could help me here.We have just purchased a large number of these to provide edge access to lecturns.The uplink switch ports are configured as trunks (as are the switches they connect to). VTP mode is set to client.The first couple...

Can anyone tell me why I am getting these inconsistent traceroute results fromone switch? Why does switch trace fine to but switch172.23.31.6 is sent to the default route when tracing to ?See attached diagram. Than...

ricschaaf by Level 1
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Hello !Not shure - but I think it must be very simple ...I like to redirect requests to port 993 from IP1 to IP2. Both IP Adresses are public and in the same network. From a getway network they are routet - so I think at this point it mus be possible...

NISITNETC by Level 1
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                   Hi Everyone,From switch i am tracing destination route.When i do traceroute it shows traceroute escape sequence to abort.Tracing the route to info: (vrf in name/id, vrf out name/id)  1 192.168...

mahesh18 by Level 6
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Hi,I'm trying to run 2 vlans on a lab network.I've a network for this purpose in that I'm already using in my internal dhcp server. Static addressess for server are form scope and clients are dynamic from 10.180.140....

                   The topology as above:      Wireless users can get IP address ( from R1 and wired users get it ( from R2.      Now I enable dhcp snooping on the two routers .G3/3 of two routers are set by trust port . G1/...

luo_40201 by Level 1
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Resolved! stack cable.

Hi.which is the maximum length of a cable stack?, I need some way to connect four switches which is at a distance of 7 meters between them.Thank you.Sent from Cisco Technical Support iPad App

jmp780718 by Level 1
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Hello,  is it possible to check the FIB TCAM utilization of a Catalyst 4948E?  There is a command on Catalyst 6500 platform (show platform capacity forwarding), but I couldn't find any similar one for Cat4948E...BR, Attila

atis by Level 1
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We have been having some problems with WOL and someone suggested that if we increase the arp timeout on the router it would solve the issue with WOL.  I have my doubts but can anyone tell me if that is true or not.ThanksAlfred

dacruzer1 by Level 1
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in 3750.  I would like to know what is the difference between channel-group id mode on and channel-group id mode desirable?If I want to direct connect etherchannel port to HP server.  I need to use mode on or desirable?interface GigabitEthernet1/0/1c...

alan-wong by Level 1
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