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Load Balance issue with two links on HSRP

hi ,I have a Query on OSPF .i am running  two P2P links between two sites with two Cisco 4506E switches running with HSRP at both ends . both P2P links  with same bandwidth from Different ISP. is it possible to Load balance for this Two links .please...

ksk391393 by Beginner
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PA-MC-2E1/120 work with Catalyst Switch 6506E?

Hi all,Does the port adaptor PA-MC-2E1/120 work with the Catalyst Switch 6506E (Sup Engine: 720-3B)? We have bought a Enhanced FlexWAN card for this port adaptor.I read through the cisco website and seem to get confusing answers whether they are comp...

Router DHCP Server Reservations Being Overridden

I am running into a DHCP problem on a Cisco 891 running 15.0(1)M2.  I am running DHCP on the router and want to reserve an address for a printer.  I have done this hundreds of times on hundreds of routers.  Per Cisco recommendation, I let the printer...

jrector by Beginner
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Resolved! snmp traps meaning

can any one explain me the below snmp traps meaningsnmp-server enable traps ttysnmp-server enable traps cpu thresholdsnmp-server enable traps configsnmp-server enable traps bridge newroot topologychangesnmp-server enable traps syslogand which are the...

Resolved! eigrp update, bandwidth ,delay

Hi everybody.I am getting a little different result than expected in the following example.|--------f0/0--R1-----s0/0-------------------R2R1 config :f0/0 1network R1 sends up...

sarahr202 by Contributor
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Resolved! IOS upgrade option in 2960S switch

We  have a Cat2960-S Series PoE+ currently running 12.2(55) SE5 ios with SW image C2960S-UNIVERSALK9-M.We want to upgrade the ios to the lastest version but found there are 2 version:                   12.2(53) SE2 and 15.0(1) SEWhich is the best & s...

q-le by Explorer
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High cpu due to ARP input

                  With the increase of users, ARP is also increasing, Ethereal by omniPeek, normally found inside the message, there is no any abnormal traffic, not through snooping and DAI effect, there are other better ways to limit ARP packets it?

haiyang xu by Beginner
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DHCP server doesn't provide IP address

                   hi,a new LAN installation, two VSS pair 6509 core, 15 closets, with 3750 stacks. Floor 15 only, devices/hosts can ping teh DHCP server but cannot aquire IP addresses. no such problem on other floors?portfast an dother parameters ar...

m-abooali by Enthusiast
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Resolved! layer 3 trunk interface

Hi,A 3750 switch is connected to an upstream device. Two ports from 3750 connect to one each of the upstream device, which is in HA state.Following is the configuration currently on the 3750:-Int vlan 101ip address gi0/...

suthomas1 by Frequent Contributor
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