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Command QoS in a VS-Sup2T of 6509

HiI Have a 6509 witch a sup vs-Sup2T,  and I´m very confuse for to configure QoS. is diferent in the old supervisor..What is the command similar to map cos to DSCP..  lookThis is a configuration in a sw 4507qos map dscp 56 to tx-queue 1qos map cos 1 ...

rc5295509 by Beginner
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Telnet Issue...

Hi guys,While i try to telnet the 3500 switch, Not able to telnet. Automatically U.Name is come in three times without type anythingfind the below screenshot for reference. If i type user name it showing connection to host lost,but i can able to logi...

Configurations won't save

I have a SG300-28P and a SF200-24P connected via LAG Group.  SG300 routes.  I also have 2 VC240 IP Cameras.  They are connected on ports 18 and 19 on the SF300.  If I lose power, reboot or anything that makes the switches restart, the configuration i...

Todd Vohs by Beginner
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Private Vlan and VTP version 3

Does anyone know if Private Vlans are supported on the Cisco 4900m switch when set in VTP version 3 and VTP disabled?Most documents just specify VTY transparent mode without mentioning the version, trying not to assume since this is production.TksFra...

fsebera by Enthusiast
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Resolved! private vlan scenario

Hi everybody.I came up with this silly question over weekend.I hope you can help me with that.h2 is in access vlan 2. Later we feel the need for primary vlan so we use vlan 2 as primary vlan as well. F1/3 is a promiscuous port and H1 is in community ...

sarahr202 by Contributor
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Resolved! Guest VRF issues

hi!I am trying to set up a vrf for guest networks and am having issues on one of the switches.A quick overview (since I dont really know what i am doing ) we have two sites that are connected via lanex. each site has a 3750. The only internet connec...

Resolved! Moving routing from perimeter Router to 3750x

I have an 1811 with several subnets connected to it.I recently installed a 3750x plant and want to bring my interior routing back to it.All the routing is handled by the 1811 via secondary interfaces on vlan1I have 192 ports, and subnets show up on a...

Cisco 4948E to Ciena 311v

I am dealing with a point to point gig connection Provider is using a single mode fiber and connecting to a Ciena 311v device (1550).  Then they are handing it off to us as multi mode (850).  This connection was connected to a 2960 switch using a fib...

ALIAOF_ by Frequent Contributor
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Should native VLAN on SPAN session be encapsulated?

I have set up a SPAN session on a switch within a campus network:Session 1---------Type                   : Local SessionSource Ports           :    Both               : Gi0/18Destination Ports      : Gi0/23    Encapsulation      : DOT1Q          Ing...

vss standby chassis reboot trap

I have multiple 6509 vss switch. and i notice when the standby chassis reboot I didn't get any snmp trap, but I got when the active one reboot. my question is is there any mib out there for detecting and got a trap when standby reboot? thanks.

raindrop18 by Beginner
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IP address reverts to default after reboot

I have a Cisco SG200-08p that's acting up.  After setting up 2 larger 200 series switches I pulled this out for its config.  I changed the default password and assigned the new static IP address of, that's it.  The settings applied and ...

Jason Kuhn by Beginner
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WS-C2960S and Inter VLAN Routing

Hi,I am looking for a reasonable switch but it has do do inter-VLAN Routing. I know I could go with a 3560/3750 with IP Services but I am also thinking the 2960S with IP Base IOS might do?I have looked up the IP Base IOS and it does list IP Routing b...