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Hi,I am trying to use the Perl Scripting Toolkit.When i excute the script i get: Errorr: Failed to enter XML mode.my session:         my $session = new Cisco::IOS_XR(transport => 'ssh',                                 host => "XXX.XXX.XX.XX",        ...

Hi All,I was wondering if anyone can clarify if the NM-1FE2W or NM-2FE2W will work in the 2610XM?These two pages seems to contradict each other:http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/hw/routers/ps259/products_relevant_interfaces_and_modules.htmlhttp://w...

Guys, has anyone seen this before? Configuring QoS I use names ACLs, but when I show the class map, it refers to a number rather than name:conf tip access-list extended QoS-CGP permit tcp any any eq 2598ip access-list extended QoS-MOVI-Data permit tc...

Hello everyone.I came across this when setting a simple lab for CCNP and wanted to ask if in the example below you see a real issue.This is about the route feedback loop.1. A and B both redistribute RIPv2 into OSPF and OSPF into RIPv2 domain.2. Route...

Hi all;I trying to do password reset on a 506e that I got with the current password unknown.  I've gone to the Cisco URL for the reset:http://www-tss.cisco.com/eservice/compass/common/activities/password_PIX.htmmonitor> interface 00: i8255X @ PCI(bus...

schroed by Beginner
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Hi, i am currently facing strange issue, but unable to find the cause.i observed 55Mbps traffic out on all port that are part of comman vlan 10.i tried to find out if any VLAN 10 machine is transmitting same 50Mbps  traffic , so that might be source ...

ahmad82pkn by Explorer
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Hi All,We know that Cisco usualy OEM SFPs from Finisar and other brands. But can anybody tell which one of those SFPs is the correct replacement for Cisco GLC-T (or if all of them work):     Finisar's FCLF-8520-3 or FCLF-8521-3It seems like the diffe...

vladimir by Beginner
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HiI have two WS-C3750X-48T-S which is "IP BASE" licensed, which are connected as stack.I need to use Policy Based Routing (PBR) to direct Vlans to two different gateways, and command "ip policy route-map" which is supported only in C3750-IPSERVICES l...

I'll start off with a description of the existing topology.WAN link plugs into a 2821 Router with an switch module in it. About 8 clients are plugged in to the 2821.2821 connects to super cheap netgear switch (I'm 99% sure it's stripping dot1q header...

nkillgore by Beginner
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