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                   Hello,I only have SSH access to a 6500 and supervisor module 6 is coming up unknown. Can anyone share the comand to get into rommonmodule 6 from a SSH prompt.

Hi all,In my customer having 3750 switch and they have simply assign IP address for vlan and enable telnet in switch and other things are same as default switch.In this switch they have connected 8 cisco layer 2 switches(6 managed and 2 unmanged swit...

I have a few questions about setting up extended mac access-lists. Using what we have in place now with the switches, we are trying to prevent unauthorized devices from connecting to the network. Using port-security at this time is not an option.We a...

osmhquser by Level 1
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I have  customer that we have configured netflow on the 2821 router that their traffic is on.  Currently the company they have contracted with for the analysis is seeing data duplication.  Below is the configuration for the interface and the routerCi...

                               link 1Switch_1 4506 --------------------- ASA_1 5520              |                                    |              | trunk                            |              |                                    |Switch_2 4506...

On googling I came across documents that say OTV (Overlay Transport Virtualization) is supported on Cat 6500. Does anyone have authentic information whether OTV is supported on Cat 6500, especially with Sup-720B? FYI, Cisco Feature Navigator does not...

mvijay025 by Level 1
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Hello.Can you help me please.I have in the same switch WS-C2960S-24PS-L (12.2(55)SE5) one WLC with 3 EP like that :* Port Gi1/0/24 : WLC 2406 ( port1* Port Gi1/0/4   : EP AIR-LAP1142N-E-K9  * Port Gi1/0/7   : EP AIR-LAP1142N-E-K9  * Port Gi...