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I was wondering if someone could help me select a router that would be powerful enough for my organization. At the main site we currently use a 2851 that has a VPN connection to a remote site, the Internet line may also be upgraded from 30Mbps to 100...

Hi,    I have configured Cisco 871W with Wifi and Lan ports for user access . LAN ports seems to be working fine however SSID is not being broadcasted , following is configuration of my 871W version 12.4no service padservice timestamps debug datetime...

  Hi everybody.I hope everybody is doing great.I just want to verify few examples below:ip address multicast mac address for the above ip address is: 0100:5e00:0101ip address  multicast mac:   0100:5e0c:0101Are my examples ...

sarahr202 by Contributor
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Dear all, I successfully configure port security in 2950 switch. But when i am trying in 2960 it is not working. i configure all the relevent commands but still its not working. any one have an idea why it is behaving like this:Example when its worki...

Hello.  Bottom line is I'd like to speed up multicast convergence after topology changes in the network pictured below.Here is an overview of the situation:Two VLANS/subnets, with a pair of 3560 multilayer switches configured as ip (and multicast) ro...

Hi all,last week we have changed the connection of small town from licensed radio to direct fiber with clasic 1gig sfp.After that we have connected the new fiber , we can see 5 min outages of customer internet connection. If we are conncted on the sa...

Hi!!!I´m Juan. I can understand well, i know how and where I configure Loopguard. I have the concept clear.But, for what does type of topology this feature is useful?I think, that this feature works fine to solve unidirectional links, but reduce the ...

Juan Urti by Beginner
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Cisco newb here...I've got my ASA up and running with internet access for internal users but I'm having issues with port forwarding - none of them are working. Below is my current config. Any help would be greatly appreciated.object network inside-ou...

alceryes3 by Beginner
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Hi Everyone,Need to confirm behaviour of Dynamic Arp Inspection  below.A and B are layer 3 switches running HSRP.Switch A  Vlan 10 IP ----------------------- ------------------ B Vlan 10 IP ------------------------------------------...

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
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