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                   We are deploying the  ISE MAC address authentication by-pass (mab) feature in our network as an alternative to port security on the switch port. Works well except for certain devices e.g. printers, snmp modules, and Unix/Linux Oper...

I am getting a loopback error on the errdisable. I do a int gigeth2/0/38 and do a shut and no shut but the link light still stays orange with nothing connected into it.If I connect my laptop to that port and let it initialize the link light goes gree...

pkroetsch by Level 1
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Anyone seen this message trying to SSH to Cisco 3560 switches?The server has disconnected with an error.  Server message reads:A protocol error occurred. Protocol error: expected packet type 50, got -1 It happens before I can put in a username if I w...

lcaruso by Level 6
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All,This is phenomenally amazing to me, but I've been searching for several hours trying to find documentation on the proper procedure for installing a second sup720 into our 6509-E chassis for sup redundancy. I have found documents that tout how 'co...

Hi,I have 6509 switches configured with ether-channels for uplinks.  I want to add logging event link-status to the uplink ports.  I have added the config to the port channels but I notice the change does not automatically push down to the physical, ...

dkirks by Level 1
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Hi allI have a /21 block but i also want the prefix list to look at every /24 inside that /21.  would the syntax beip prefix-list TEST seq 10 permit prefix-list TEST seq 15 permit ge 21 le 24?Thanks.

Hello,I'm looking to restrict Inter-VLAN routing through L3 switch (cisco 6500) and wanted to know best possible way to do it. I used VACL and achieved success to some extent, but my config is making clients take up to 5-6 mins to authenticate IP add...

Ok, I can see that my traffic is hitting the right queues, but it doesnt seem to be taking priority over other traffic, either that or it is being limited somewhere. I am marking video with dscp 34, voice with dscp 46 and control with 24. I have done...

Hello guys,I want to upgrade IOS for my production core 3750 switch.Below is Show version/fash output.. I have IOS image "c3750-ipservicesk9-mz.122-55.SE7" could you please confirm below concerns-1-As this is stackable switch do i need to upgrade on ...

Hallo I've a RV120W Cisco ROUTER with last firmware released and I am not able to setup Wake On Lan: It works fine just switched off PC but after some minute (5/10) magic packet don't work. Router forgets address of PC ?I've set-up Static DHCP with I...