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Good day to you allI need a little help on how to configure igmp snooping on a 3560.I have a pure L2 switching network and 2 hosts on the same vlan that want to communicate a protocol between each other using multicast packets.I wanted to configure i...

Zarahelll by Beginner
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Documentation says this:"The stack master contains the saved and running configuration files for the switch stack. The configuration files include the system-level settings for the switch stack and the interface-level settings for each stack member. ...

I have a couple questions about this router. The one currently in my possesion is assumed to have bad memory. I need a way to test and prove that the memory is not bad. What would be the best way to do this?Is the memory propriatary to Cisco systems?...

djelizondo by Beginner
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Hi,I have a problem where some users are facing general slowness in the network, this is affecting internet, email and some application.I checked these users and I found some packet drops when pinging their machines, also whe I intiate a ping with a ...

Rami Saber by Beginner
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I have a brand new 1921 router that I can't login to using cisco/cisco.  Anyone ever see this and know if there's a new password?http://pastebin.com/dKK6jc5zI don't have physical access so I can't reboot it until Monday.  Just wanted to get it workin...

Hello,PC1 sending DCHP Request to DHCP server  on network Layer 3 Distribution Switch (Mulilayer Switch 3) send same broadcast to and on port Fa0/2 to Layer 2 Switch. When Layer 2 device recives that brodcast then Layer 2 ...

redrain12 by Beginner
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All,just put a VIC3-2E/M card in a 2821 and it is not showing up when I do a show inventory.  Lights on the card are both amber and stay lit.  Is this unit compatible?      Thanks in advance.Relies rate

Hi Netproi have 2960 switch connected via two uplinks <LINK A  towards CORE-1 and LINK B to CORE-2 , both link are equal , STP Chosen LINK A as primary while LINK B as secondary , how can play with stp and Make LINK B the Primary while LINK A the sec...

Hi - I'm working on a design with two different ISP providers. I'm running BGP with the providers and advertising my company owned address block. AS-prepending on one side. That's working fine. I'm running OSPF in the inside with a Check Point firewa...

m.egan by Beginner
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Hello,we have a problem with the throughput over etherchannel in LACP with 2 or 4 ports.It is iSCSI traffic (vmware esxi 4.1 U3) is going from 2 separate NICs (ports) to the etherchannel (with 2 or 4 ports) that has a SAN connected (Nexenta).The SAN ...

cascon.com by Beginner
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I ran into problem with design that was prepared for Catalyst 6500, but in the meantime infrastructure got upgraded to Nexus. I have two datacenters connected with 1Gbit line (point-point), both ends of this circuit are N7K. There are few segments (l...

Hi all,I am having a hard time trying to setup a VRRP failover situation where VRRP needs to failover instantly between two routers, whenever a network becomes unreachable.In my case I have two routers, one is the primary gateway, the other one is th...

SSH has been enabled on our one and only 4507 switch for several months and working fine. A few weeks ago the switch had to be reloaded and when it was back online I couldn't SSH to it. When I connected via the console and typed "show ip ssh" it came...