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Hi,I am trying to configure BGP for ISP connectivity, when i enter the network statement under BGP the mask part does not appear hence the network is not advertised with the mask.See attached config;router bgp <OUR_AS> bgp log-neighbor-changes neighb...

Dear All,We are using Cat2950 24 ports switch & I am wondering it does support the following:I want to create vLan1 (the default) & assign to it ports from 1 to 16, then create vLan2 & assign to it ports from 17 to 24,Each vlan shouldn't see the othe...

adsc by Beginner
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Hi,My question is wrt policy-based routing on my network. Our switch is a 3560G 24PS running Adv Ip Services image. It is connected to an 1841 and an 1811 each with a dual-wan connection . The 3560 defines 6 vlans and we are using PBR to route some v...

IM-Design by Beginner
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Hi,I have a small branch office using a 2951 router. I'm using the 2951 as the DHCP server for the site. It is handing out the addresses but, the users tell me in the morning when the come in they have to unplug their cat 5 cable from the wall - then...

hi ,im wondering how to block both youtube & facebook actually i dont knwo which method is perfect ,block the ips of sites ???or block the http & https  traffic ====>to youtube & facebook i have another difficulty  which is, how to know the ips of yo...

Dr.X by Explorer
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Dears ,  I have question regarding to control traffic between VLAN.  My VLAN located in Core switch and I need to prevent VLAN 10 from Accessing VLAN 20 and the same time I need VLAN 20 to access VLAN 10.   Please Advice

Hello, we have a BGP Router with the full Internt Routing Table, which is connected to an internal BGP Route-Reflector and an Internet Exchange. In the follwing output i'm wondering why the Router has elected the path via AS 20676, although it`s an i...

kfr by Beginner
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Hi everybody.I am reading about Ipsec which contains two major protocols among others:  AH and ESP.For now, I am focused on AH only. I read the theory on AH and two modes AH can operate :  Transport mode and tunnel mode.(

sarahr202 by Contributor
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Hello. I'm trying to implement the UDLD protocol (Cisco-compatible), but face  some problems. There is no enough information for implementing this  protocol neither in RFC 5171 (http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc5171) nor on  cisco.com (articles http://w...

zir868686 by Beginner
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Please explain the output of show spanning-tree summary:SW1-R3#show spanning-tree VLAN0001  Spanning tree enabled protocol ieee  Root ID    Priority    24577             Address     108c.cfb6.ab00             Cost        19             Port        15...

madmin.kz by Beginner
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hi all,I'm having some issues creating multiple vlans on one swtich (2950).This is a lab setup that I'm going through in an attempt to learn a bit more about Cisco. I bought 3 1841 routers, and 3 2950 switches and I'm trying different setups.A partic...

allitnils by Beginner
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