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Good day!I have noticed that i cant make R4 and also R2 to choose prefered path to R1 over R3...Where is my mistake?Can you help me please?Here is my topologyand configuration of to ABR'sR3:router eigrp 100 redistribute ospf 1 metric 1544 5 255 1 150...

I´m configuring for the first time a 2911 router and I need to connect with a serial RJ-45 cable to router consoleI´m using the suggested configuration settingsSpeed 9600Data bits 8Stop bits 1Parity noneFlow control noneHowever I have no success, th...

Unimoreno by Beginner
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Hello all,I have an interesting though maybe a strange question.At home we have a business Fiber line with 100/100 connection, right now connected to a Cisco 2911 Router.Problem with this one is that it doesnt give the cool neat config options you ge...

Hello there,We have a 4500 series switch that is running around 39% cpu utilization but seems to be dragging a bit.   I did a show platform health and GalChassisVp-review has a target of 3% but an actual of 17%.  All other actual values were at or be...

katberts by Beginner
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Hi All,Hopefully a quick question I have a xconnect running for a customers L2 P2P circuit between our network which is successfully up and running. e.g xconnect is between SVI 100 & SVI 200 on our switches. The customer wants to send multiple tagged...

Hi,I'm looking for a single interface command that sets several commands at once. And I'm not looking for 'default interface ...' or 'interface range ...' because many people I ask think I am revering to those. I am looking for the command that sets ...

Resolved! ARP broadcast

Hi experts,I am here using L3 Cisco Switch as gateway device and disabled proxy ARP on gateway interface as shown belowinterface vlan 100ip address ip redirectsno ip unreachablesno ip proxy-arpBut when i debug for ARP me...

Hi everyone,i have created two vlans,vlan 1 data and vlan 200 voice. the issue is that when an on one vlan i cannot ping the default gateway of the othe vlan from my PC.an using sge 2010p switches.below is my configurationp route 192....

jakzolo82 by Beginner
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