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Catalyst 3850 password recovery

I think I may have fat fingered the username/password when setting up my Catalyst 3850. I found password recovery instructions. However when I type the command "SWITCH_DISABLE_PASSWORD_RECOVERY=0" I get an error saying that it's read only. Can someon...

Resolved! srr-queue bandwitdh and priority queue out configurations on user port but not on Trunk link

Hi Guys, We have this configured on our User ports on Access Switch.!interface GigabitEthernet1/0/9description VoiceAndData Portswitchport access vlan 80switchport mode accessswitchport voice vlan 81srr-queue bandwidth share 1 30 35 5priority-queue o...

New to T1 connections, need assistance

Hey folks, First forum post but a big question. I've been in networking for a few years now but I've only really been dealing with campus LAN switches. I started a new position last year for an organization that, due to infrastructure and geographics...

jhubert by Beginner
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Voice VLAN not working on Cisco C3850

We replaced some switches in our environment with Cisco Model C3850.On the other switches (C3560CG and multiple C3560E) the voice vlan was working without problem. We had a VLAN for voice and "switchport voice vlan <id>" on the interface. When we con...

WhyFi by Beginner
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DHCP Snooping binding database

After we configured DHCP Snooping on out access switch, all works well. I see dhcp bindings with the "sh ip dhcp snooping binding" command. I don't quite understand why we need to see the bindings on the switch as we know the client PC's are getting ...

dangreen12 by Beginner
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Resolved! Why isn't port-security inactivity timer dropping mac addresses for disconnected devices?

While implementing port-security on ports with an IP phone and computer, I've noticed that the inactivity timers do not seem to be updating. Because of this I'm unable to disconnect a computer from a phone and move it to another port without either d...

Resolved! General VPN question

Hi, Pretty new in the VPN area, and the question is pretty standard knowledge in VPN i believe, but I hope I could get some knowledge and support here, Trying to configure a VPN connection to my LAN through a gateway device. The gatway has a WAN port...