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Hi,on our backbone (Cisco 6509)  we have the following config.spanning-tree mode rapid-pvstspanning-tree extend system-idspanning-tree vlan 1-200 priority 24576questions:1. is rapid-pvst the best spanning tree protocol to use? on some switches we hav...

Trying to find meaning/cause of the following Nexus errors:Nexus7000version 4.2(4)%L2FMC-SLOT12-2-L2PD_HWIDX_TO_IF_FAILED: Failed to get Interface for index                   %L2FMC-SLOT12-1-L2PD_L2_USD_REQ_FAILED: Failed to send request to the L2 AS...

Hi There,I understand that the password has to be changed the first time we login to Cisco 3945 router but i failed to do that and its not allowing me to connect using default username/password.Can someone help me in getting this addressed??Regards,N...

vnirmal112 by Beginner
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Hi, I am receiving high discards on a 6509. There is low utilisation of the link & it looks like bursts. I've posted some config & diagnostic info below. Can anyone help explain what could be causing it or suggest a solution.GigabitEthernet2/16 is up...

Jaysun1973 by Beginner
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Hi Team,Kindly advise me on how to go about config my bureau connected to HQ and separated by a WAN link of 60mb.I will appreciate if you give me the breakdown on how to achieve this.This is my planSplit the bandwith into halves that is, 30mb for LAN...

Hi,I've to implement a VACL to filter PVST+ BPDUs sent on a 802.1q trunk portFor instance here http://ardenpackeer.com/tutorials/security/security-common-ethertypes-in-vlan-access-maps/ you can find a mac access-list example to match PVST+;PVST+ BPDU...

Hi Understand from below article that we need to create an static arp record to make NLB work in multicast mode:http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/hw/switches/ps708/products_configuration_example09186a0080a07203.shtmlHowever if the routing is done i...

parcvista by Beginner
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Good afternoon. Help with the answer, have a stack on 2960S-24TD-L with optical modules SFP-10G-LR. Actually the problem arose in the next, on this model you can not create more than 6 Etherchall-s, and the need is. Planning to buy a 3750 series with...

Hi all,i need a backbone switch for my DC. especially cisco switch.important features;Layer 24 x 10gb fiber ports 12 x 1gb fiber portscan you give me an advice which switch i should buy?what series you are using now your area?thanks

svsilence by Beginner
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Good day to you allI need a little help on how to configure igmp snooping on a 3560.I have a pure L2 switching network and 2 hosts on the same vlan that want to communicate a protocol between each other using multicast packets.I wanted to configure i...

Zarahelll by Beginner
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