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TSHOOT study options

Greetings,For the first time in my life I have the luxury of actually taking a class to pass a certification test, I've always self-studied before. There's not enough money to do the Global Knowledge classroom thing, so I'm looking at online offering...

MS DHCP server and multi VLAN

Hello,i have strange problem with MS DHCP server which i am unable to understand. One server hosts 3 DHCP scopes (data1, voice, data50). I also have 3 VLANs   1 (defualt) for data, 10 voice, 50 data. IP helper address is configured for VLAN 50 and 10...

Damir Reic by Beginner
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SPAN sniffer

Hi,I have configured SPAN for Cisco 3750 to monitor the VLAN traffic for a trunk port.What tools or command I can use to find out the total traffic for that vlan port?The smartport for Catalyst 3750 does not have port role Diagnostic.Is there a switc...

leepeiwai by Beginner
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Resolved! Policy NAT question

When implementing a policy NAT, is it possible to NAT a source address to an address that is not within the networks included on the router interfaces?In other words, say I have a router with the following setupinterface g0/0: 255.255.25...

pre-provision 2248 TP FEX on 5596UP

Hello,1. We would like to pre-provision a 2248TP FEX on my 5596UP (NEXUS 5596 running 5.1(3)N2(1a)). Problem is that I can't choose this FEX model. I have the choice of a 2248T or a 2248TP-E, but no 2248TP. What do we need to do ?sbnswi1# sho fex det...

jgeralsky by Beginner
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Cisco IOS NAT to change destination address

Hello everyone!I need some kind of NAT on a cisco router to translate destination addressSay, if a PC send packets from to I need to translate to think it can be achieved with routes maps, but dont know howThank y...

fgasimzade by Enthusiast
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4948E High CPU

Hello,we have 2 4948's with DCM connected to them.When DCM joins to some mcast group to take traffic everything works fine.When we connect DCM ports where we are sending traffic we got 99% CPU with process "Cat4k Mgmt LoPri".show platform health give...

2 virtual-access interfaces bound to 1 dialer

Hi,we are running a Cisco 876 and connect it via two dialer (dialer 1 for 20MBit SHDSL and dialer 2 for 16MBit ADSL for Backup) to the internet. Over both dialer interfaces we use EIGRP to provide the automatic fallback. Everything went fine since we...

technik by Beginner
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Failover problem in 6509 switches

We have connected 2 sql servers (one to primary switch 6509 and one to secondary switch 6509).Once we are doing failover of secondary switch just disabling port of secondary switch where Sql server is connected.It fails but if both servers are connec...

Catalyst 3750 failover configuration

Hi,Need help with network planning here.Our servers are hosted at the Main site, site office A access to the Main site for Internet and servers.We are thinking NextG to take over when the link between sites goes down.To start with, can anyone please ...

leepeiwai by Beginner
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Resolved! ISR 1921 VLAN routing

Hi, I have an ISR 1921 SEC as a router for my internet connetion (/28 subnet). On the inside is an hp Procurve 1900 switch which supports basic routing (static routes).Suppose i want about 10 VLANs on my LAN, all with different subnets (eg.