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Hello All,I am having a problem with a remote router. The problem is that there is no data being sent through the router, it is currently attached to a firewall.Here is the output of a show int:rt1 : router1:rt1# show int fa0/0/0FastEthernet0/0/0 is ...

Hello:I have a question that I haven’t seen clearly answered elsewhere. I am also not familiar with Cisco. I will try to keep it short:I am moving a very small branch office to a new location, but we have a centrally controlled IT infrastructure team...

marcpu123 by Beginner
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I have a test switch (Cisco 3550) that I want to set up with 6 Vlans and 2 trunk ports. I want to be able to access a virtual server conected to the trunk ports from the switch ports. Ports Fa0/1 to 8 are in a vlan port fa0/9 to 16 another vlan etc. ...

Leo Bruni by Beginner
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Is a 3750 sw capable of handling full routing tables and what can you recommend in a small mutihomed BGP router or switch capable of handling full routing tables?              

hechtda by Beginner
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Hi,I have a 3750 stack and want to confirm if I can run HSRP on the stack to two different ASR routers for redundancy purposes ?It looks like the below :-   --------------------------------    |     SW1          SW2  |   |       3750 Stack        |  ...

Hi,I am using Cisco 2911 & IOS version is 15.1. My problem is that after some days (e.g. 15-20 days), the routing table suddenly stops updating & then I have to enter the default route again to make it up. I am using Track 1 to track default route he...

Hello,I am looking for a way to block a specific multicast group on the network that does not entail me touching all my devices to update an ACL or somthing. I was thinking, if the multicast group didnt have an RP, it would keep it off the WAN and li...

rtjensen4 by Enthusiast
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Resolved! OSPF Load-sharing

Hi,Currently I configure two catalyst 4506E as the Core OSPF router. I know ospf will do per default equal load-Balancing. Also I know this load-balancing depends on the switching mode. In our case this is CEF and should be done per-Destination. I th...

Hi ,i have new to cisco 2960 -24TC-L  switch  and  want to configue  in CLI Mode  .when i connect the lan  to the switch  users in the network  disconnect from Internet.please help to configure it.Thanks,Saroj Pradhan

Hi there, I've been having issues using a Cisco 2611 Router to replace my old linksys wireless router. Heres what I'm trying to do.I have a wireless access point, I want to be able to hand out addresses via the Cisco router through DHCP on the interf...

How do you properly remove the QOS queues and configs from the switch.A was using auto qos which created a whole mess of qos configs on my running-config. I did "no mls qos" in conf term but that did not remove the queues.Anyone one how to remove thi...

                   Hello Everyone,    I want to connect "Link" up two  Buildings each with Two Cisco 2960 switches. the Buildings will be connected via wireless bridges that should be transparant to Vlans and such.Building A has Two swithes in a Clus...

Hi, I have two switches, one in Datacentre-A and the other in Datacentre-B. The switches are connected via a layer2 interconnect (provided by the Service Provider). I suspect they are running a MPLS/VPLS cloud back end. Now, we need a second (L2) lin...

mcroft by Beginner
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