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Resolved! switch management vlan and port ?

Hello, I was wondering what standard procedure was with regards to switch management VLANs.i.e. I have created an out-of-band vlan on a series of switches for the purpose of management.I have spare interfaces on these switches. Do I go ahead now and ...

fran19422 by Beginner
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Resolved! CAM table look up and switch'own mac address

Hi everybody.I just want to clarify something my book says about Cam table look up.h1----------access link--Multilayer sw----------interneth1 is using as default gateway; multilayer sw is configured with :int vlan 1199.199.199.1/24Let a...

sarahr202 by Contributor
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Resolved! fragmented packet and access list

Hi everybody Please consider the following scenario:Sw(config)# access-list 120 permit tcp any host eq smtpthe above access list is applied outbound on an interface  on the above switch.Suppose  switch receives a packet with destination...

sarahr202 by Contributor
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Hi experts,•1)      I have configured 4 VLANS on my L3 switch.•2)       I have one router which has connected 2 ISP link•3)      L3 switch & router has connected each other through L3 link.(which has different subnet)•4)      VLANS on L3 switch ( vla...

Regular Expression Question

Hi,Could someone please explain to me how the following regular expressions work?^123_.*_45$ = This looks to me as though it would match an AS starting with 123 and ending in 45 with only 1 AS in between them.^123_.*45 = What does this match? the boo...

Aileron88 by Beginner
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Resolved! Connect a wifi router to my management vlan

Is it enough to set the default gateway for the DHCP clients in the wifi router to the gateway for the management VLAN? and to configure the port connected to the wifi router as a access port for the management vlan? The SVI for the management VLAN i...

ADAman by Beginner
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Cam & TCAM,Backplane speed

                   1)Can any one brief me about difference between CAM & tcam?                        2)Back plane speed of 4507 R ,4507E , 6509,6509EI had gone through lot of doccuments but ther are confusing.Thanks

ASA and Router configuration

Currently this is our network setup                          Sw1 Sw2 Sw3                               | | |                                 Sw1; Sw2-; Sw3                               | | |

purpletech by Beginner
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Nexus 5548UP to Nexus 2248 design

This past networkers I was at the Cisco booth discussing how the 2248 can connect to the 5548 and have server connectivity.  It was told to me that now, as of a fairly recent NX-OS release, you can have the 2248 going dual-homed to both 5548 via VPC ...

Nexus 5596UP with N55-M16UP

Hello all,Cisco documentation states that:The Cisco Nexus 5596UP switch has three slots that can be used for the following optional expansion modules: •16-port Universal (Fibre Channel and Ethernet) GEM (N55-M16UP) that provides 8-, 4-, 2-, or 1-Gbp...

jcarvalh by Beginner
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Routing - odd behaviour

I'm hoping somebody can point me in the right direction for a problem I'm experiencing... I have attached a basic diagram to hopefully make sense of my explanation of the problem.I have 3 3560 switches which are configured with trunks between them. T...

by Not applicable
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