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Hi there,I tried to upgrade the IOS on my internal AP and now I am in a reboot cycle. I have tried to manually boot the old and new IOS images from the rommon but neither are working. here is the output I am getting:ap: dir flash:Directory of flash:/...

hi ;i have created macl on cisco 3750 but it's not working ?are there any limitations about 3750 or mac acl ? what is wrong ?my config is mac access-list extended macbased deny   any anyinterface GigabitEthernet1/0/40 switchport access vlan 33 switch...

HiI'm really struggling to setup the routing through a site to site vpn to another site using subnet 212.xxx.xxx.0/2410.1.1.2 is a gateway that has access to the site. If I add to any server on the subnet route add 212.xxx.xxx.0 mask 255....

gray25251 by Beginner
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Hi All,I am running 3 MST instances running on (including MST0) wherein i have defined SW1 as root for the MST0 & 1 while SW2 root for MST2. Both switches are interconnected. These switches also connect to the access switches. The issue is all switch...

Hi guys, one last question before my network change this evening. Your input is valued as I'm not 100% comfortable with the change being remote from the site the changes are occuring at.My scenario is this: I have a 6509 running 12.2(18)SXF10 and a r...

rjrii by Beginner
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I am creating an extended access list in cisco 3560 as belowpermit ip host ip host permit ip host when I see the ACL by show ip access-list the subn...

Hello, I have a  WS-C3750G-24T-S layer 3 switch and I need to configure independent routes for a specific network, I'm trying to use VRF but it is not working for me. I tried using route-map but it seems the switch doesn't support that, so I'm stuck ...

pornstude by Beginner
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HelloI need to know how is the ambient temperature for the Nexus 7000 switches to plan a new datacenter. In the datasheet I found the following information regarding this topic:"GR-63-CORE Network Equipment Building Standards (NEBS) specification pub...

plingg by Beginner
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Does SSH have some kind of issue with using passwords with special characters or something?  I am working with an 891W.  I have ony done the basic config on it using CCP Express so not much is done yet, but I do have enable and enable secret both set...