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6513 Power Problems

6513 had the UPS on one of the power supplies removed. The secondary PS remained up, but the system crashed. The power usage isn't at a level where the system couldn't handle the load. It shows redundant, but it isn't on this output.The other odd thi...

Eigrp blocked by default deny in 15.2?

I am trying to replace my 2800 series router with a new 2900 series router.  The 2800 is running 12.4(25f), and the 2900 is running 15.2(2)T.Why, if I place any kind of access list on the local interface, do I loose my EIGRP relationship?  For exampl...

Unable to disable debugging 857w router

Hi folks,I have an issue with a Cisco 857w.  When I connect on via SDM I get a message saying "SDM has detected enabled debugs on the router.  Because debugs degrade the performance of the router and of SDM, it is recommended that they be disabled". ...

flapping link

                   dear all how i can resolve flapping link problemwhen i put terminal monitor command  this appear each time new port connected 00:49:41: %LINEPROTO-5-UPDOWN: Line protocol on Interface FastEthernet4/0/7, changed state to down00:49:4...

Vacl on Nexus 3064

Hi,Does anyone know if one can use a Vacl to monitor network traffic on a nexus 3064 much like you can on the 6500s?  If so, any  performance tradeoffs or caveats to be aware of?

Cisco 2960G disable srr-queue on switchport

I have a Cisco 2960G switch and one of the ports was configured with srr-queue bandwidth limit 90 - I need to remove this bandwidth limiting from this interface.Would this be the correct sequence of commands?swh02#conf tswh02(config)#int gig0/12swh02...

arnetcis01 by Beginner
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"ip igmp filter" command on 2960G

I am unable to configure an interface using the "ip igmp filter <profile #>" command on a 2960G running 12.2(58)SE2. The switch allows me to create a profile using the "ip igmp profile <profile #>" global configuration command. It also lets me enable...

Losing Connection with Etherchannel

We have a new building where we added 3 network closets with 3750x stacks.We have 2 fiber gig ports connected to 2 microwave units and etherchanneled the to portsWe have the same setup at the corporate office except the connection is 2 fiber gig port...