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I am looking for an easy way to document a network that has a Cicco Catalyst 3750 with multiple vlans.  They had a consultant come in and set this up but I need to better understand how the network is setup.  Is there a "visual" diagram somewhere in ...

Hi Experts , Any informationabout such error messages . I tried googling but not much success . Oct  1               17:14:07: %PF_ASIC-SP-3-ASIC_DUMP: [0:0x1D7]               ME_KR_TESTMUX_TESTMUX_OUT_DATA__0 = 0x8100086 Oct  1               17:14:...

For ports would this be correctly paraphrased?Force-unauthorized - Port is effectively shutdown to all traffic.  Switch can not provide authentication to the client, effectively disabling this port.Force-authorized - No authentication necessary, port...

Hi Experts,I've attached the file which shows the issue which im facing in reachability between a PC to GNS3 router.Home Broadband ->LAN ( ---- Win 7 ( -->Loopback Adaptor(>GNS3(cloud-->Router (

yvivekan by Cisco Employee
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Dear Team,We have around 12 access switches and one core switch, core switch then connected to Firewall, then to router.When i tried to ping the core switch from my pc getting a ping response maximum of 54ms- 60ms and an average of 3ms. But when i tr...

ashique84 by Beginner
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L3 Switch as dhcp:ip dhcp pool wifi_pool_1   network   default-router   dns-server access-list extended LAN_ONLY permit ip Vlan20 ip addre...

arun.stha by Beginner
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Hello Guys! I am working on a new LAN design for aun airport. IT has 3 buildings that will be connected with Optic Fiber Using 10gbps transceivers.In One of The buildings will be The core, distribution and The access lawyer, also Data Center and Inte...

djacksonv by Beginner
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I'm having some issues using a public /8 subnet from our ISP to access a Sharepoint site. The Sharepoint site is always accessible internally, but not always available externally (it goes up and down apparently randomly, and is accessible from some c...

Can I run an EEM script to shut down a switch port when it disconnects? or is there any other way to do that with any other script? I'm trying to save my network from pen testers. I have pretty much locked down everything but last time when they show...

nawas by Enthusiast
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