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HelloI need to know how is the ambient temperature for the Nexus 7000 switches to plan a new datacenter. In the datasheet I found the following information regarding this topic:"GR-63-CORE Network Equipment Building Standards (NEBS) specification pub...

plingg by Beginner
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Does SSH have some kind of issue with using passwords with special characters or something?  I am working with an 891W.  I have ony done the basic config on it using CCP Express so not much is done yet, but I do have enable and enable secret both set...

Hi all.  I have a non-Cisco router and it has no sensible capabilities.  There seems to be a spam botnet on the internal network (unknown which are infected systems).  This router cannot do port blocking from inside to outside and my goal would be to...

cluovpemb by Beginner
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Is there any way to keep an SVI up (in this case, an L3 vlan that exists purely for vPC+ keepalives) without burning a physical port for it?From what I can see, a fabricpath connection does not keep SVIs up the same way that a typical trunk or access...

Hello,I have an existing stack of old 3750 switches (not "e" or "x") running old ip services software (c3750-ipservicesk9-mz.122-50.SE2.bin).I want to add a new 3750x to the stack (running universal image with ip base license..more on this later). I ...

ds6123 by Beginner
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Is there some kind of trick to getting the fastethernet 0 management port to come up? My adjacent switch is up/up, but fe0 is down/down. I dont' see how this could be possible. I am getting all my info remotely, but I am pretty sure it's wired up cor...

Hey, it seems that ever since we converted the 3750 from a L2 to a L3 switch with 'ip routing' that we have been getting the following messages while doing 'show logging'%CMP-5-NBR_UPD_SIZE_TOO_BIG: Number of neighbors in neighbor update is 128, maxi...

We have a number of sites running Cisco 881 routers.A few of the sites are connected by IPSec VPN tunnels that have been configured using Cisco CCP without any issues until now.  On one location I can ping from a workstations on  Site1 to Site2, howe...

blanktree by Beginner
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My workstation( directly connected to 6509_1 switch. 6509_1 is gateway with ip Sometimes routing stop working, but after 3-5 minutes all back to normal.When issue occur i can't ssh to 6509_1, but i connect to second 6509_2 (10...