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Hello,I have an FTP server that sits behind a cisco 1801 router.  I have locked the router down with a reflective access list to only allow through port 80 and 443.  But now i want to add in ftp ports 21 and 20.  I have added them in but i cant get i...

ohareka70 by Participant
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Hi All,I have a situation where I have a functioning EIGRP topology across DMVPN. However, the way the traffic is flowing is not the way we prefer it to flow. Our infrastructure uses MPLS and DMVPN. All traffic is currently going over the DMVPN. We w...

nikalleyne by Beginner
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Hello ,            I have an switch 2960 and i have made an SSH connection . But the problem is that whenever i try to open with my teraterm or putty it ask for username and after that password but does take the password. It shows an error of passwor...

I have a customer that in the past has been using 6506E chassis with Sup32 and the WS-X6196-21AF cards for their closet.With the End of Sale of this combination and the announced End of Sale of the Sup720-3B announced, this kind of pushes the configu...

Hi Expert,I found below messages on SLOT 2 (WS-x6524-100FX-MM). What does it mean? Would it be hardware error on SLOT 2?Thanksremote command switch show plat hard asicreg titanERRORS:   0x8  :                         TI_MX_SM_ERR_STAT_MASK  =  3FFF  ...

Rojer-bkk by Beginner
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Hi All,We have a network of 30 VLANS and currently all the vlans have access to everyhing. We are using Cisco 6509 switch for Layer3 routing.I would like to prevent some VLANs accessing the server VLANs. Can anyone advise how can i resrict access to ...

Good evening all..I have a 4506 populated with the following modules Mod Ports Card Type                              Model              Serial No.---+-----+--------------------------------------+------------------+----------- 1     6  Sup 6L-E 10GE ...

Resolved! LACP with 3750

I have a Cisco 3750G-48PS Running IOS 12.2(40) and was wondering how many physical ports are supported in an LACP Configuration.  Is it 4 or 8 ports in a single switch.If I have a dual 3750 stacked together,  and I want to configure (8) port LACP, Ca...

abbas.ali by Beginner
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We have several 3750 stacks across our campus that we are unable to completely clear port security on. We have mac address stick set up on all access ports. When we clear the sticky address on the port, the mac address is removed from the running con...

wesleyj84 by Beginner
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We currently have a Cisco 1841 router with version 12.4(1c) of IOS using image c1841-ipbase-mz.124-1c.bin.  Our goal is to make it so our router can fully support IPv6. The current IOS version cannot. I've seen a site that seems to indicate 12.4T doe...

sammycbmi by Beginner
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