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Extended IP access list VLAN20    10 permit tcp any any established    11 permit icmp any any    20 permit tcp any eq 80    30 permit tcp any eq 443    40 deny ip any any logExtended IP access list VLAN30...

Hi,I wouldlike to transport some Vlans (4-5) between two Catalyst 3750 across a MAN Ethernet Link.We used QinQ tunneling but the provider doesn't support double tagging.I looked on Cisco documentation that is it possbile to do a L2TP tunnel with IRB ...

FranckL by Level 1
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All,Are the following statements correct:1) Are "service dhcp" and "ip helper-address" dependent ? I think so. "no service dhcp" will disable the "ip helper-address" functionality. Correct ?2) Are "service dhcp" and "ip dhcp snooping " dependent ? I ...

gnijs by Level 4
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Hi all,I'm actually not very knowledgeable about switches, but I've tried to find a solution to my problem in the various manuals and have been unsucessful.I am administering a Catalyst 2960S switch and I would like to connect several computers to it...

rwankyoto by Level 1
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Hi All,We have a scenario as below Core1--> Core 2 --> Vendor Core I have configured a VLAN in core-1( and configured with route-map set with next-hop IP of vendor core switch ip ( I need an access to few destinations from C...

Hello, regarding the following command which redistributes OSPF into RIP:redistribute ospf 1 metric 10 match internal external 1 external 2My question is how do you determine the value for metric i.e in this case it is 10, but what factors would you ...

fran19422 by Level 1
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Learned ones.I'm a bit stuck with this, and I'd appreciate help from those with more brains than me.Situation is as follows - I hve a couple of 3750X stacks - two switches in each - which are configured to provide redundancy for attache devices (port...

darren.g by Level 5
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I'm in the process to install two 4948E switches.  I will be configuring GLBP and wanted to get some guidelines on configuring GLBP and EIGRP:- First question is like HSRP I'm configuring it on both swithches like this:Switch 1:interface vlan 5ip add...

ALIAOF_ by Level 6
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                   Hi,We have a core switch with the following ios and supervisor engine. Can we add a16 port LR (x2)or  LRM(X2)  ON  the core switch?if not what modifications has to be done?if an ios upgrade is necessary is it a costly affair?At pre...

prakavi by Level 1
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