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Hi every bodyI hope everyone is having a great weekend.The following discussion is based on cisco cat 6500 switches with two power supplies: p1 and p2.  . Both power supplies are running in combined mode .Each power supplies is rated with 500 watts m...

sarahr202 by Contributor
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Hello all,I would like to ask for help with following setup.Internet --> Cisco ASA 5515X --> 2 Gbits etherchannel --> Cisco 2960T-48 --> 40 customers, each has own VLANCust 1 -- VLAN 10 --port Fa0/1Cust 2 -- VLAN 20 --port Fa0/2Cust 3 -- VLAN 30 --po...

                   Hi guys, i am literally new to cisco devices and am planning to take the certifications however life as we know it already threw me a curve ball and that is what you are seeing on the picture. this was working perfectly until i fir...

                   Hi.I have a E3200 Router and when the computers are connected directly to router the speed is SLOW and  when computers are connected via wireless the speed is fast (normal). What can i do to have the wired computer with same fast s...

toney1234 by Beginner
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I'm having a hard time getting my head around some design issues and need some input... here is our scenario:2 buildings across the street from each other  Copious amounts of single mode fiber between the two  A datacenter in each bldg  Appx 15 wirin...

sadams by Beginner
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Appreciate anybody's help.I have a paif of nexus 5548 configured VPC using the mgmt interface as heartbeat and 2x10G as peerlink. Peer-gateway is also configure on the vpc domain. I have 2 FEX straight thru connection to each Nexus'es. Created 2 VPC ...

tsadmin by Beginner
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Dear friends,I have the Cisco 3560 switch. I can ping both from switch to server or from server to switch. However, I cannot ping with large size, for example,ping size 10000 (failed all).I can ping size 5000(the size allow be...

Hi,I've following config:int vlan5 ip add vlan4 ip vrf forwarding VPN ip add eigrp 200 redistribute static network route above co...

gavin han by Beginner
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