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Hi,One of the stack member has failed and we need to replace the same with the new one.Currently show switch shows as follows 1#show swit1#show switch                                               CurrentSwitch#  Role      Mac Address     Priority   ...

Hi,I have a Cisco 4500 as my core switch and there are two sup eng in this core. However, I noticed that the redundant sup is in diable mode rather than Hot Standby.I have tired to enable the module but I am not able to do that. Please assist to advi...

Resolved! switch 4948

                   Dear All,I am having the problem with one of my cisco 4948 series switch.i am trying to load the IOS from rommon mode using tftp server.but throwing below error.rommon 13 >boot TFTPcat4500-entservices-mz10.122-53.SG2.binTftp Sessio...

Hi,our datacenter use C6500 as core chassis. Vlans are propagated by VTP to access switches, which are C3750.I would like to make vlans provisioning on the C6500, something like 2000 vlans.Are you aware about limitations for these 2 equipments?I know...

Resolved! RV routers

I'm looking to upgrade my client's hardware from the residential Linksys router to potentially a RV router. Right now, I am using subnets with two routers to separate the "private" network from the "public" network. My client operates a coffee shop o...

HI guys. I hope for ur help . i have such diagram : IPOffice500(LAN:, WAN:<->Cisco881(WAN:, interface vlan20 :<-> IP phone .the problem is ip phone cannot discover IPOffice. I put P...

If I setup 4948E's in HSRP configuration.  And I connect devices to the Standby Unit that do not require redundancy.  Will there be any issues passing traffic?  I don't believe that standby unit blocks the traffic but wanted to confirm.

ALIAOF_ by Level 6
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Hi everyone, i need some help trying to figure out layer 3 switchingok Im used to setting up a core switch, set up all the vlans on core, use vtp send all vlans to closet switch over trunks, switches use a management vlan for IP addressing, no routin...

Hello,I've configured my router as needed and everything is working. However I have a few questions.First at cli if I issue the show vlans command it returns No Virtual LANs configured. If I check through CCP I see them.. Why is that I can't see them...

Hi,We are facing issue of high memory utilization in one of our 2960 switch, below are the outputs for refrence. Kindly help.Show memoryshow memory debug leaks2960G_3#sh mem debug leaks Adding blocks for GD...                 Driver text memory      ...

I am just wondering which mode to set the switchport that is connected to a router.I assume the cable connecting the router is plugged into a port in trunk mode (for all the defined VLANS)? Then I make SVIs with gateways  for the VLANs pointing to ro...

ADAman by Level 1
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Resolved! Default vlan

I hear that all ports have a default vlan, usually 1. what happens when we set a port to access port 10? Does it still have a default vlan or just vlan 10?

ADAman by Level 1
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