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I have an issue with DHCP in  IOS-XE C9300 version 17.03.03.VLANs are configured with ip-helper-address X.X.X.X, the configuration was working fine in the old switch C3850, But now clients take a long time to get an ip address , and sometimes  they d...

medharrak by Level 1
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Dears, I am struggling to find out how to configure Voice Vlan on cisco Switch IE-1000, it is  mandatory for our operation, as we have one port and we need to connect the phone as well as the data port. looking for your support and ideas. Thanks  Act...

i need assistance with copy the flash of a 2960G switch in a directory to a TFTP server. on every attempt to copy the flash i get the follow error:Cisco#sh flash:Directory of flash:/    2  -rwx        1696  Feb 28 1993 19:02:24 -05:00  vlan.dat    3 ...

Hello, I bought Cisco C9200L-24P-4X switch connected the switch in my existing network VTP configured, shows the Vlan in my L3 Switch, broadcast is happening in all Vlan, bu i am not able ping the Switch IP

Hello,Thanks to EnergyWise, Cisco switches can be put in hibernate mode (energywise query set level 1).To wake up the switch, an "hibernation end time need to be configured (before be in hibernation mode)".Otherwise, press the mode button, on front o...

ilionel by Level 1
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Hello, If this is showing up on our logs for a port that is connected to Security EPAC device. does it mean the switch is causing the port to go up and down, or does it mean, the device connected to it is going up and down?

chalayne by Level 1
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