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I have just updated a VLAN interface on my router. I have two 6500's with GLBP configured. The particular interface had a primary and secondary IP address. I shutdown the interface on one router and deleted the secondary address then assigned the ori...

a17j13j05 by Level 1
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We are having an odd occurance happening to our 3750x stacks. For no apperent reason ports will become unusable. Doing a shut/no shut on the ports has no effect. The weird thing is that the indicator lights will stay solid green even if there is noth...

Can anyone tell me what the little green/red light is on the back upper left corner of the switch is?  It inside a little mesh and I belive it says vt_fail next to it.Had water get on our switch over the weekend(dont ask, punch kittens) and this guy ...

We have about 30 SRW224G4P switches throughout our network(each one located at remote site) and we have been having problems with these locking up.  Normal symptoms are; I can ping the switch but cannot get to the login promot via telnet, ssh, or web...

Hello,i have a question regarding monitoring a Trunk Port with the help of a local Span Session on a Catalyst 2960S Switch with Version 12.2(55)SE3.The scenario looks like the following sheme:SnifferPC(Wireshark) <-> Telephone(Siemens) <-> Switch(296...

Resolved! QOS scenarios

Hi everybodyPlease consider the following case: PC1-----Acess link--f1/1--SW1-- Acess link---------F 0/1-R1-acess link-------Sw2-----trunk--------SW3-f1/4--------PC2All switches are multilayer switches ( 3560)Pc1 and PC2 are running Cisco Soft phones...

sarahr202 by Level 5
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Hi, I'm trying to resolve an issue with phones on remote routers thet keep re-registering throughout the day. I changed the:policy-map shaperclass class-default    shape average 2000000  service-policy voice_and_videoTo:           policy-map shapercl...

  Hi guys, two questions about IOS License  I have today 2 6509 switches with a IOS Advanced Services SSH.  I bought 2 news supervisors with a IOS IP Services SSH to replace the today supervisors.  I'm using IOS 12.2, not 15.x  Two questions about Li...

lomonaco by Level 1
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First, picture a pair of Cat6509's, attached to a pair of Cat3560's... connecting over a telco TLS circuit to a remote site.  At the remote site is another pair of 3560's, then a pair of ASA's, and one more pair of 3560's.I've been asked to put loopb...

mikearama by Level 1
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I have 2 3750 stacks, both of which are very similar. Both are running 12.2(55) SE3.When I add the following command to one of the switches however it results in an authorization failure message when logging in from the console. Logging in to VTY is ...

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