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Resolved! Local Login

I am running a C3750E switch and I am just practicing, but I cant get login local to work on the VTY lines or Console line. I have a local account with a password. I type the following:username new view NEW secret cisco(the NEW is the Parser view Im ...

I am looking to configure a switch to support PXE, it works straight by adding ip-helper statements in normal scenario when DHCP service is running on box other than the switch having SVIs configured. However in a special case, I am trying to configu...

Hi,I am trying to limit the bw of a gre tunnel to 60Mbps and any packets exceed this rate drop them. Problem it seems is you cannot apply a Service-policy output <word> to logical interfaces. So below seems to be the only option:vlan configuraiton 93...

Hi,It's generic question about the Energy-efficient Ethernet facility.I'm wondering if the LPI mode activation is well fully unidirectional.For a single port in a equipement (linked normally to another equipment) is it possible to activate LPI mode i...

hostettle by Level 1
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Hallo to everyone!I have problem with optical link between core and WAN segments.Here is situation:I use Catalyst 3750E(ver c3750e-universal-mz.122-52.SE) as core switch and Catalyst 6504E(ver adventerprisek9_wan-vz.122-33.SXI6) as WAN switch. After ...

I was curious if it is possible to have 2 supervisor cards running different images.  for example one running ipservices and the other running advipservices.  I would think this is not possible, but would like someone else to confirm this or tel me o...

Hi,I have an Active/Standbay pair of FWSM modules, do I need to license each or our FWSM modules?For instance if I buy 50 context licenses for the active module, do I also have to buy 50 for the standby module?Thanks.

jacinto1m by Level 1
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hello. I am new to Cisco switches, but I have read a lot about them. I am using a Catalyst 7600. I set up a VLAN interface (VLAN 3) with an IP-address and I can connect to it using telnet and log in to the switch as admin.I call this my management in...

ADAman by Level 1
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