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Hi,I need to know what the limit vlan mapping we can do on the following equipment.CISCO#sh verCisco IOS Software, ME340x Software (ME340x-METROIPACCESSK9-M), Version 12.2(55)SE3, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)Technical Support: http://www.cisco.com/techsupp...

Dear Community,What does RP drops entail?We are experiencing 0.23 % drops on an vlan int on one of our 6500. This interface is an L3 to a server-subnet. 29563976÷12851487771×100 = 0.230043218Doing a sh int vlan 238 switching shows 30935411 RP (Route ...

torstefan by Level 1
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Hello Experts,Any idea how to retrieve these files.ABC#dir harddisk:/coreDirectory of harddisk:/core/1343490  -rw-    34021985  Jun 18 2012 22:53:55 +00:00  ABC_RP_0_linux_iosd-imag_26634.core.gz1343491  -rw-  -2116973532  Jun 18 2012 23:06:52 +00:00...

Hi everybody.I encountered a situation where i had to monitor traffic on a switch port using wireshark as shown below:h1-------f1/1--SW1----------rest of network                    |                   f1/2                    |               PC wiresh...

sarahr202 by Level 5
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Hi,In a new Cisco 3750, if the username and password is not configured seperately, what will be the defaultusername & password. I have only configured enable password.when we access it remotely via telnet it prompts for username/password.Thanks in ad...

suthomas1 by Level 6
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Good evening!Could anybody give me an example of how to configure an sm-es2-16-p service module to route over an Cisco 2911?Thanks in advanceSent from Cisco Technical Support iPhone App

A 2960G switch is doing IGMP snooping and is configured as the querier. There is no multicast routing.Port 1 - Video Set Top Box APort 2 - Video Set Top Box BPort 3 - Multicast SourceBoth Set Top Boxes A & B are set to receive the video delivered in ...

Hello,In the first phase of OER, the MC is learning  the traffic classes, and according to Cisco documentation, it can learn  them manually or automatically.1. If automatic  learning is enabled by default, what would be the reason to define them  man...

Hi all,i am trying to filter IGMP on current ports. But if i show igmp snooping details in my catalyst 3560x it didnt show any igmp multicast address.As source i have Cisco DCM connected to catalyst 3560x lab base port gi 0/48I want to aply a filter ...

I implemented the 3560E switch, this one have two Gigabitethernet/10-Gigabit Ethernet module slots. I used the TwinGig Converter Modules and one SFP. All configuration was applied in the TenGigabit, however the interface gigabitethernet is UP UP stat...

p.souza01 by Level 1
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