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Hi , I'm trying to convert QoS configuration from 6500 to N7K , the configuration I have is as follows :mls qosmls qos map dscp-cos 32 to 5interface GigabitEthernet1/1/2description Telepresence Switchswitchportswitchport trunk encapsulation dot1qswit...

Hi,How GLC-T module would operate in Cisco 4506 with Sup7-E, assuming it would be installed in X4624-SFP-E 1000base module? Is it going to operate in1Gb only or 100Mb as well? This is to accommodate ASA 5510 connection to the core switch.Thank you,fo...

forman102 by Beginner
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I have my current L3 switch 4006 in production. From a client PC, if I ping to various vlan interfaces, consistently I am getting the icmp reply in less than 1ms. I am preparing to replace this switch so I have bought two 3750X series switchs working...

avilt by Participant
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I think I know the answer to this problem, but I figured I will make sure. I have a 3550 switch that was replaced at a remote site with no IOS. Let me state this 1st since I read about 2hours of posts. This is a switch not a router so tftpdnld does n...

Hi, Im quite new to all Cisco gear so i just want to check a few things before we proceed with our idea.We currently have a main network running through a static broadband connecting using a Cisco 1700 ADSL router, everything is working fine locally....

I'm running a route-map on one of our primary interfaces on a 7606..  All physical interfaces are layer 3 interfaces (no Vlan interfaces).  I believe this route-map is causing high CPU utilization.  What I'm trying to accomplish is all traffic enteri...

srue by Rising star
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I have a client whom is using EIGRP between a few of the devices.  Some of the devices have "neighbor" configuration statements within the config of their EIGRP process.  Others do not.  What I see is that even the devices which do not have "neighbor...

Resolved! 6513E - new build

We are close to receiving our new 6513E chassis which I will be running Sup720 cards in. This will be replacing our existing6509 Sup2 setup in production.My questions areWhat current IOS version should I run on the Sup720 ? I would like to support SS...

dclee by Beginner
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I have two L3 swithcs and one L2 switch.The first isp router is connecte to one of the L3 switch, the second isp router is connected to the other L3 switch.There is a OSPF configuration in both switchs and the routers. Each router connection to the s...