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Hi Cisco Support Community.I posted earlier about this but have not found resolution. However, I have learned some more about the problem.Here is a portion of the network.On switch gc2960, we want to have clients on vlan 29 and vlan 27. We are connec...

Tonight we were performing an IOS upgrade on our 6509 VSS to 122-33.SXI6.  Both 6509's have dual Supervisor cards installed.  Initially we had problems with switch 2 slot 5 supervisor returning to rommon however switch 2 slot 6 supervisor loaded corr...

I have a customer that is currently configured to use the same publically routable IP address with a static NAT translation and also in a PAT pool. I'm posting a short blurb of the output I'm seeing in the config. Does anyone know if this is possible...

switch 3750  with Cisco IOS Software, C3750E Software (C3750E-UNIVERSALK9-M), Version 12.2(55)SE1,                                                                              RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)Doest it support sla monitoring

Hello Expert,I am facing difficulty in understanding exact usage of below two command  import path selection all  import path limit 6Conside below network : If I am not using above two command then also I see two routes under output of command 'sh ip...

Hi all,Can someone help me with this issue. I have encountered this error a year ago with a primary coreswitch and also a secondary coreswitch last february. We replace the Supervisor Module already since from previous post and from another source in...

neri_john by Level 1
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Hello everyone,We have recently implemented Windows Deployment Services on our local network, but everytime we do a multicast image deployment the network get flooded to point of total saturation.We have Netgear switches and a Cisco 2800 series route...

offpister by Level 1
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We have two 4900's connected via trunked ports.  Is there any way to make these switches active/active state?  All the ports are currently layer two with one vlan interface and a default gateway for routing.

Hi allI need to convert this to MQC to work with IOS XR and im confused...: wrr-queue bandwidth 20 10 25 20 1 1 20 wrr-queue queue-limit 20 15 20 20 1 1 10 wrr-queue threshold 2 60 80 100 100 wrr-queue threshold 3 60 80 100 100 wrr-queue threshol...

smehrnia by Level 7
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                   Hello everybody,I would like to know wheter WOL is supported on a N7K with 6.x code and F2 line cards. I also would like a how to for this. If it is not supported will an ip helper address to the broadcast address of the destinatio...

dirks_2 by Level 1
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