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Please correct me this questions?

Which statement about switch ports is true?A. The default VLAN and native VLAN must be different on al portsB. VLAN 1 is preconfigured as the native VLAN on trunk ports onlyC. VLAN 1 is preconfigured as the default VLAN on all switch portsD. VLAN 100...

Alk by Beginner
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Packet Tracer Help

Having trouble with this packet tracer, for whatever reason I can't set the ip address on the router, getting an invalid message. Also need to include two dns addresses and not sure how to accomplish that. I've included the packet tracer file with al...

Resolved! 9200 Enable Web UI

I started working on a new project and have inherited a 9200. I have been working via the serial port but would like to enable the web UI and can't figure out how. Does anyone know the CLI commands for a 9200 to configure the web UI?

Resolved! 10Gb Port-channel from 1Gb ports

Hi All,Hope someone could help with the below which is confusing me a little.I have 2x6506 in VSS and 2x 9300 stacked and need a 10Gb port-channel between the two devices. This will needto be made up from 1Gb ports as there are no free 10Gb ports on ...

Steven503 by Beginner
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Packet Tracer Simulation

I am working on a mock-up of our network on packet tracer. Note IP address are not actual. We do not use a Cisco ASA in our setup but we have a firewall. I am not really familiar with the ASA, so I am having issues with YellowJacket2 getting to the i...

sdm template mismatch - Cisco 3850

Whilst trying to add a new switch to an existing stack, the new switch keeps rebooting and on further inspection the reason was stated as ““sdm template mismatch”.Looking at an existing switch in comparison to the new switch it appears that the new s...

m.fallows by Beginner
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Core Switch reboot

    Our company runs two 4503 as core switches and configured HSRP. One day the main core switch suddenly restarted.Please help analyze.show version content:   Cisco IOS Software, Catalyst 4500 L3 Switch Software (cat4500e-IPBASE-M), Version 15.1(2)S...

Cisco catalyst 9500-48Y4C License

Hello We have Cisco 9500 with Essentials license but when I run "show license summary" see that license status is EVAL MODE, what should I do to activate it?Smart Licensing is ENABLEDRegistration:Status: UNREGISTEREDExport-Controlled Functionality: N...

mrmarie by Beginner
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