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I have a C9300-24t-a running 17.3.3. Is there a command to show the switches current power consumption? Not the usage per interface, but the overall use for the switch?  Show env power only shows the type of supplies and their status. It doesnt show ...

jmcgrady1 by Level 1
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Hi!I did ask this quetion before but did not get an answer to the problem, and now i am trying again!I got many users complaining that they are loosing the connection very often.The same port is going up and down many times and it is not about one sw...

Moudar by VIP
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Is there a way to disable ISE logging on the switch when connected? If I'm connected to it or remotely connected and enable term mon, the cli constantly fills up making it difficult to work. Any suggestion?Example -Aug 5 12:29:52.230 EST: %SESSION_MG...

Rsbell by Level 1
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hello Community,i purchased a 2960 tcl switch and at first the switch had no bootable image so i download the genuine software and installed the ios. and now all the fa ports led light up all the time while no device is connected to it. some of them ...

leul by Level 1
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For historical reasons, the company network did not distinguish between the office network and the production line network, and now wants to restrict the access of the production line network terminals to the Internet, but they can access certain ser...

Holtw by Level 1
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In the IOS shell, there is a command "fetch" (ie, in the terminal shell). The help says: NAMEfetch - return data from a path variable.SYNOPSISfetch <var> <path>DESCRIPTIONFetch returns a string from an internal path elementPath elements contain inter...

I'm currently testing with a few 93360YC-FX2 switches running NXOS version 9.3(8) and trying to get Q-in-VNI running. In terms of connectivity, this is working as expected and I'm able to trunk VLANs from "customer" devices across the N9Ks, but when ...

Ryan_M1 by Level 1
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