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Hi friends,I attached the topology to better understanding.Follow the scenario:- I have two 3750 in stack, and two 3560;- I configured the etherchannel in all devices:3750 stack:3750(config)#interface portchannel 13750(config-if)#switchport trunk enc...

Hi... I have a problem with a topology, I'm student and i have one doubt about this subject particularly...The topology is configured in that way, but, i have to shutdown the interface in the red circle, and make ping from the R1 to that interface al...

Hi All, I have this 877w Cisco router and having problems as I'm seeing gibberish characters when connecting via console via usb also via direeconsole cable via another pc. The thing is once I perform a couple of reboots its then fine. Has anyone com...

Hello,i'm a newbie here. i have a cisco router 887 which i am trying to configure. but however, i got confuse on will i really need to configure itdo i really need to use the SDM utility or i can do it through CLI?please advise. i need to replace my ...

Resolved! stp scenario

Hi everybody.Please consider the following scenario ( My apology for messy diagram):The network is convergred and a switch located inside (not shown) switched network is elected as root bridge.1) Let say for for some reasons Sw1 stops receiving bpdu ...

sarahr202 by Contributor
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My fellow engineers,Having a strange issue here with an 7606-s chassis equipped with two sup720's, and two regular line cards. There is only one power supply, PWR-2700-AC. I recently builded this setup and powered it on last week for the first time. ...

Hi All,I'm working on a new network design for my company. We're expanding and opening some more offices and satalite sites. We're a UK based company but opening some US sites.We have a main UK office (Office A on the diagram) a call centre (Office B...

I have a Nexus 5548 installed (layer 2 device only) with several 10G ports supporting IBM P770 systems and a TSM (Tivoli Storage Manager) system on a single VLAN. All of the Nexus 5548 ports are configured for jumbo frames. I was ask to install a new...

theitmedic by Beginner
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Hi everybodyLet say we have mixed set up where some switches uses bridge id as  Priority(2bytes)+Mac address, and some use extended system id as  Priority(4bits)+ VLANID(12 bits)+MACThe question is " how  is the priority  considered by switches  usin...

sarahr202 by Contributor
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Dear Experts,We have MPLS clound and all the locations are connected via MPLS links. Recently we have configured QoS at all CE routers as well PE routers also.the configuration for CE router is mentioned here :ip access-list extended VOICE-APPremark ...

Hi All , iam Trieng to Configure syslog server .Using Kiwi Syslog server in Windows XP . I have configured the commands on router and it is showing the below message .But iam not able to see any logs on my syslog server. Can any one explain what to d...

roopesh.n by Beginner
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Hi, I have a Cisco Small Business - RVS4000 and I'm trying to use it to connect a server toa domain configured to use non-public (10.1.1.x) addressing.Before I get into the details, I thought I should get a possibly-crazy question out of theway first...

dldmt3970 by Beginner
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