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Hi,I am using Cat6509-V-E chassis with redundant SUP-2T with ACE module. I am running IOS version: bootdisk:s2t54-advipservicesk9_npe-mz.SPA.150-1.SY.binACE version: 4.1I installed ACE on module 4 & 1. But in both the cases i am getting the velow err...

acharyr123 by Participant
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We have a server connected to a 3560 switch which in turn connects to 6500s. The gateway interface is on the 6500. We will be changing the 6500s so the mac address for the gateway will change, however the IP address will remain the same. As we change...

alukes by Beginner
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I am looking to find out if there is a way to do prioritze traffic that has a particular destination IP address.  I have a 100mb conneciton and want my traffic that is going to my terminal, mail, file etc.. servers, regardless of the type of traffic ...

jefft by Beginner
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All,I have a pair of 5548P switches with the L3 daughter cards installed.  Using the base license as I just need RIP routing.  I have the two switches setup and have the RIP routing feature enabled.  When I "turn on" routing using RIP I do not get an...

tohoken by Beginner
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I'm working on setting up RIPv2 on several L3 switches and ASA's as our network is growing and static routing has become too cumbersome to manage.The question I have is what is the best method to advertise a loopback address 192.168.210.xxx/32 into R...

smperry by Beginner
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The network is set up like this.Host -----> 3750 (classic) running IPSERVICES stack ----> 3550 router -----> VPN 3005 Concentrator.IP routing is disabled on the 3750 (it's acting solely as a switch)IP routing is enabled with an EIGRP process running ...

Hello EverybodyI´m facing to one issue with VACLi have a network lan with 10.40.X.X/16in this network i have a Production vlan 10 with 10.40.10.X/24and i have created one vlan103 for Guest´ user as 10.40.103.X/24My goals is to restric the vlan 103 to...

I have a 2960-S running the lastest software for testing on my bench:[code]Switch Ports Model              SW Version            SW Image                 ------ ----- -----              ----------            ----------               *    1 24    WS-C...

viningele by Participant
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I am going to be connecting my 2960G to another network which will be sending multicast traffic that I need to record on my network.  However, due to the administrator of the network I am connecting to, I am not allowed to send them any of our data. ...