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on-plus see the device and allows CPE( imbedded) to start then never opens,,,tried genera connection and used that address supplied to open CCP    no discovery...any ideas....also seems onplus doesn't see a service contract or firmware, etc          ...

cowboyflr by Level 1
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Hello.I am reading a document about supervisor redundancy and it mentions that The active supervisor engine synchronizes its run-time image with the standby supervisor engine if the time stamps of their respective run-time images differ when the syst...

jcarvalh by Level 1
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Here is my situation... I have dual ISP configured on my ASA 5505.  I need to NAT serveral servers on the inside to public IPs on the outside.Example:Web Server Private IP: IP from ISP 1: IP from ISP 2: 208.125.2...

mtehonica by Level 5
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My Company bought a SG 300-52 Gigabit Managed Switch. The switch does not support POE. Software version is version is 1.1.06HW is v02I am wondering how do i make this switch interface to layer 3 because it does not take commands like (no ...

paulmadah by Level 1
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If I am purchasing a 24 port spf switch card to up link to access switches, does that mean that I can only up link to 12 switches (one port for sending, the other for receiving)? or can I uplink ot 24.Chassis:WS-C4503-ELine Card:WS-X4624-SFP-E Also i...

Hi,MAC address learning is on the basis of source or destination mac address??Also, which are the parameters it records while learning anf shows in table???                  

We have a stack of a 3750E with a 3750X, when we turn off the master, a disconnection occurs for around one minute while only one request timeout is seen when the slave is turned off. Is this normal?Details: in other words, when the slave switch is e...

G.I II by Level 1
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Can someone indicate why my ethernet ports are in suspended state for some reason, i need an indication why this may be and what i can do to fix this issue. configuration below. I have a 7010 which i'm using to connect to two 5510's. I have one vPC c...

Hi guys,I'd like to allow 1 client to have public IP in local network. Currently we have few public IPs, but only 1 (a.a.a.a) is in use for NAT.What should I change in config and how to setup Client PC for public IP (what gateway should I put)?ip nat...

Greetings to all, I am in need of some expert advice.I have 3 877 ADSL routers for internet connectivity.  I recently installed a FW behind them and would like to use the Ciscos as load balance in order to get better utilization from my 3 internet li...

Hello,How can i route internal VLANs on a 3750X , my current network its small ( about 8 -10 subnets) so i dont wnat to add overhead using maybe dynamic protocol , My scenario is my stack of 3750X ( 2 switches)  will be my CORE SW, i will have 2 stac...