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Resolved! CCNA 3 - VLANS

Hey, im currently studying a network engineering degree and i have been given an assignment on VLANS, i have a question for you guys...I have 4 Vlans in the design and a requirement is that an Network manager requires access to every server within th...

holtie388 by Level 1
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Can someone tell me what the priorities should be i'm going to configure Nexus switches within the same VPC domain.But what should the vpc priorities be.I have2 Nexus 7010's = VPC domain 300, priority 100, 1104 Nexus 5510's  = VPC domain 300, priorit...

Having realised the limitations with the 2248's I now have a pair of 5548's and looking for some guidance on configuring them. What is the best way to connect them together as a pair?I then need to setup a VPC to a pair of 6509's running VSS In at th...

I purchased several Cisco 2811 with Advanced IP Services - they are version 12.2.XThe product number looked like this CISCO2811-HSEC/K9    2811 Bundle w/AIM-VPN/SSL-2,Adv IP Serv,10 SSL lic,128F/512DI need to upgrade the IOS to version 15.1 - Do I re...

keanej by Level 3
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Hello,Simple scenario really. I have three switches connected to one another via trunks in line (not triangulated). The first switch is the root for all vlans which are all trunked to the third switch via the second. If I switch off the third switch ...

Can the Cisco 3750 and Cisco 2911 enforce password length? Is there a default password length? I had read the following:You can specify a password length but not special characters etc..security passwords min-lengthThanks!

I have a Catalyst Switch that is been used as a SAN switch providing ISCSI connection for servers.The total output drops of the interfaces connected to the SAN and some connected to the servers keep increasing.Example below:SWESAN1-1#sh interfaces gi...

I have been recommended to enable  Unicast Reverse Path Forwarding (uPRF) and wanted to know wheter it  should be enabled on external interface or internal interface on the  following devices:ASA FirewallInternet Border RouterMPLS Router, andCatalyst...

abbas.ali by Level 1
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Hello,I've been tasked to come up with a design to segment our internal network to reduce broadcast domain size.  In addition, we are running out of DHCP available DHCP addresses.  I need to have a solution that will give me more available IP's, but ...