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Resolved! Problem with Cisco 1700 Router setup

I have just purchased and setup a Cisco 1700 ADSL router which is  working lovely, i have 5 static IP addresses assigned by BT so these  have all been configured through NAT and the firewall and remotely we  can access our servers etc fine.The proble...

Very Basic Ethernet/Hub Question

Here's something that most of us probably haven't thought about in years.Some Ethernet basics...We all know that when deploying a hub, even though the physical topology may be a hub and spoke (just like a switch), the logical topology is still a bus....

visitor68 by Enthusiast
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Resolved! Cisco Spanning-tree

Hello,when i do show run on 7613 i get the following:!no spanning-tree vlan 10 -37spanning-tree vlan 10-11, 17 -31,35-37 priority 16384!does that mean i do or i do not have spanning tree tree running on vlan 10?thanks!GM

tafiela80 by Beginner
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Slow network performance on 3750's

Hi All,Just trying to narrow down what might be causing slow network issues on the LAN for a group of end users on one level. They are complaining that "everything" is slow from the PC booting up, getting a DHCP lease, logging onto Novell, browsing i...

asaykao73 by Beginner
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Resolved! Cisco 3750G stuck in loop at login

I am experiencing an issue with a Cisco Catalyst 3750 switch. The switch was on the network operating normally. I replaced the switch with another, and took this one back to our office. I attempted to log into the device via console port. This is don...

Resolved! Datacenter design with nexus switches

Hi,we have 2 datacenters at the same building and we have servers on both datacenters working at the same vlan. we have decided a design with 4 nexus nexus switches but we are not sure this design suggested by cisco. I want you hear your comments abo...

Help with weird design.

Hi,this is my first post.I`m working in networking and i`m a  CCNA&CCNP&JNCIA.Today at one of my clients i found a strange design. He has a mix vendor network core.He cannot add or remove any equipement.In the first raw there is a Juniper J series an...

Resolved! Increasing EIGRP Metric's

Hello,I have a need to redistribute a route into our network, however, as it passes over a particular link I want to increase the metric in order to prevent it clashing with a route that will be coming from another device.  Is there a way to do this ...

BlueyVIII by Beginner
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Resolved! Subnet Question

We have two 3750 core switches which will have six 2960 edge switches connecting it. We have three vlans:vlan 1 - 2 3 servers are using 10.1.1.xMy workstations are u...

Spanning Tree vlan question

Hi, I have a cisco 6509 that is the root bridge doing rapid PVST and a bunch of connected 3524XL switches doing the default IEEE spanning tree protocol. On the 6500 all connected 3500 switch ports are part of vlan 150 however on the 3500 i only have ...