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Hey guys, I was recently told to exclude an ip address from dhcp, so i wanted to go ahead and bind the address to the mac. i did the following :ip dhcp pool NAME > host (then accidently hit enter)upon doing this, the switch seems to ha...

Hello,First time posting here, pardon me if this is the incorrect forum or if this subject has been talked to death in other threads.My current production network is setup using VTP in Client mode, and I am looking to enable VTP Transparent so I can ...

levitated by Level 1
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Hi Friends,I have cisco 2950 catalyst switch, verson IOS (tm) C2950 Software (C2950-I6Q4L2-M), Version 12.1(20)EA1a, RELEASE SOFTWARE(fc1)So. for one of my port (FE 0/3) i need to put the bandwith limit 512 kbps,plz help me, how to configure the abov...

Hello, we have a WS-C6509-E WITH SUP VS-S720-10G, and IOS s72033-advipservicesk9_wan-mz.122-33.SXI5.bin.#show arp | i          4          xxxx.xxxx.xxxx     ARPA     Vlan201#clear arp-cache interface vlan 201#show ...

rpastrana by Level 1
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Where are designing a solution with a pair of Nexus 5596’s and eight Nexus 2248 fabric extenders to provide Internet connectivity for Web servers. Typically, we put all the Wed servers on the Nexus 2248’s and attach the load balancers/firewalls on th...

Hi AllI am an ISP provider with 2 internet links from my uplink provider, using BGP and Multihoming to do load balancing and failoverNow i have a client with VPN connection also high crticial data transaction, so needs to be always upNow i have inst...

divine007 by Level 1
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HIQ1: On which size of my net or prefixes should i use OSPF area'sQ2: Is there any disadvantage to use OSPF Area's in smaller net's - in order of physical or logical grouping The Net i will built consists of 5 remote sides and each remote sides consi...

CISCO8006 by Level 1
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Hi GuysCurrently we have an Avaya IP Office switch running on the same network as our PC clients.I would like to seperate the two network into 2 VLAN's.We have a mixture of Catalyst 3750 switches and some older 3500 models.Where do I start?Should I l...

Hi everybodyHow is everyone doing ?Cisco uses one stp instance per vlan.  Let say we have two vlan1 and vlan 2   Will there not be separate BPDUs for each vlan generated by root bridges of these two vlans?What vlan is used to send these BPDUs i.e  vl...

sarahr202 by Level 5
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According to this Cisco URL jumbo frames should be put into play by changing default ethernet system class.  Recommended configuration:!--- You can enable the Jumbo MTU !--- for the whole switch by setting the MTU !--- to its maximum size (9216 byt...

mmedwid by Level 3
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