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confusing traffic rate limit problem

Dear friends,I am trying to rate-limit traffic on a  6500 box.   Diagram of the Scenario  is attached. Description of the Problem is as follows;6500 Swtichs is attached to a Seperate AS Domain having Multiple Networks  attached to it and as well to t...

2960 upgrade issue

Having a minor issue with my switches and with Cisco Network Assistant at the moment. If I try to upgrade most of my 2960s, it fails almost immediately: Uploading the image; this might take a few minutes/seconds... Failed to execute the command archi...

Resolved! LACP on ISR G2 1921: How ?

Hi,I'd like to have a redundant link from the 1921s to my switch stack. So I was thinking of LACP.The Cisco feature navigator clearly lists this for 15.1(4)M on 1921 platform :Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) (802.3ad) for Gigabit InterfacesS...

Cisco SR520 issues

Hi all,I have been working on a customer site for quite some time now and keep on running into a variety of issues with their connection to the internet.  The Cisco SR520 is currently attached to the ADSL service, it stays up and running for a random...

SRV Record request to Cisco ISR

Hi,Tandberg Movi client needs SRV records for proper working. DNS server is located in central office. A Movi client in branch office is configured with local Cisco 2901 ISR's internal IP addres as it's DNS server.Is it somehow possible to forward SR...

Resolved! Telnet issue

I connected 1941 router with 2960 switch via trunk link and I want to access the switch with telnet from the router. what shall I do for this and how can I assign ip address for both router and switch to do the telnet or if any other solution is ther...

Resolved! Please have a look at my show command output

Hi All,Could you please help me to list some possible reasons for not showing the mac address and the strange ARP entry? I do not quite understand why I cannot get complete ARP and the mac address from a directly connected network.Switch#ping 10.51.1...

SupIceCat by Beginner
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I have a cisco 1841 router which presently down and with flah of 32m, s/n 16-2648-02,And i have a cisco 3640 urgent in need of flash because of financial constraint i wish to useThe flash from the 1841 but do not know if it will be compatible with my...

divine007 by Beginner
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