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Cat6500 - VSS Jumbo Frame Support

i'm pretty sure that the system supports jumbo frame but cannot get it to work.we need all ports including the vsl links to pass jumbo framesdo we just add the global command --> system jumbomtu 9000does it also require a reboot of the switches?thank...

Robert Ho by Beginner
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802.1X and SysLog

Hello,We're using 3750 and 3550 switches with 802.1X for authenticating devices to our network and I'd like to know how many times people try to connect unauthorised devices to the network.Ideally, I'd like the switch to send a SysLog message to our ...

BlueyVIII by Beginner
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Resolved! Cisco understanding etherchannels

I have an etherchannel between a Cisco 6513 and Cisco 4948.  I see the load unevenly distributed, is this reason to be concerned?  Does my ethernchannel need to be tweaked?  I want all three interfaces on my Port-channel evenly distributed, see below...

Ping Delay going through Sup720/6509

I have a single link into the gig eth port of a sup 720 via fiber SFP, and pings going through that link take over 9ms on average (often over 10ms).  In other words, if pinging something that switch directly via the Sup720 gig port, pings take about ...

2621 Router

I recently had a 2621 router that was hanging up at 100% cpu utilization when large data files were transfered across the network.  I replaced the router with a spare 2621 and the problem went away.  I decided to play around with the problem router t...

Peer IP traffic shaping

Hi,I have eg. public ip subnet provided by our ISP with 3 firewalls behind my internet router cisco 2851. My requirement is to priorotize say 3 Mbps bandwith (at any given point of time) out of 8 Mbps to one specific public IP eg. 61.1.1....

OSPF routing through 2 ways

Hi all,please see picture attached. This is my topology and I would like to simulate two independent circuits with OSPF routing. Primary routing path should go thru SW1 and in case that SW1 will fail (for example power off) so OSPF should find second...

Jan Rolny by Participant
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Resolved! Upgrading an IOS on SW 2960

I found a corrupt IOS, The switch is not booting properly. When i try to upgrade using XMODEM appears the following error:switch:switch:switch: copy xmodem: flash:c2960-lanbase-mz.122-35.SE5.binBegin the Xmodem or Xmodem-1K transfer now...CCCCCCCCCC ...

mac based acl not working

Hi,I created a mac based acl and applied to ports of  catalysts 3750 but any one not in this ACL below is also working and can get network accessAny idea what the issue is?Extended MAC access list Test    permit 001b.4f6f.0000 0000.0000.ffff any    p...

3750 cross stack etherchannel with 6513

I have configured an etherchannel between a stack of 2 x3750's and a 6513the channels go up and down.Sometimes it is up and sometimes, one of the interfaces goes down.Anybody have an idea why this is not stable?Here is the log:3750stack#sh log *Mar  ...

tanzeus129 by Beginner
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C3750 maximum number of STP active process

HiI've a C3750 config in stack, I guess I reach the maximum number of STP active process since going up to 1999 the switch become crazy and not working.Where can I find the limit on the cisco web site ?Does anybody have the same problem ?Tks---------...