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We have a wireless controller that services 51 seperate domains. We had to change the IP scope for the controller and when we did none of the access points would communictae with the controller. We changed it back and immeduately all the AP's connect...

Resolved! Vlan routing fail

Hello, I am having trouble getting routing to work properly between two vlan's: Vlan2 and Vlan15 using a 2950 and 4510 core switch.On the 2950:    fa02 VLAN15    fa0/12  switchport mode TrunkFrom my computer, I can ping with success the pc on Vlan15....

paulc by Beginner
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Hello Everyone,Can anyone tell me the lowest platform router that can take the Cable WIC card and the ADSL WIC card and run them both at the same time?  Would like to be able to load share the bandwidth as well.Thanks in advance!  All replies rated!

angel-moon by Participant
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I have the following config running on 1800 series router :!bridge irbbridge 1 priority 0bridge 1 protocol ieeebridge 1 route ipbridge 1 aging-time 60interface BVI1 mac-address 001c.5817.6431 ip address no ip redirects ip local...

Hi All,We have recently been upgrading all of our laptops to Windows 7 from Windows XP and since this time the dot1x authentication has stopped working, has any one else had an issue like this. Below is some information that may help.Switch  WS-C2960...

Dear all,Hi i face two 4esw card problem On cisco 3945 router. When i add one 4ESW its work fine and when add another one 4ESW card on cisco 3945 router its not work. Router shows total 8 FastEthernet port. First one 4esw card work fine but new one n...

Don't know what happened to the rest of the post.Hi,I'm playing with a HSRP lab. I have 2 layer 3 switches with 2 access layer switches connected to the layer 3 switches with redundant links, one link going to each layer 3 switch. One layer 3 switch ...

All started whit a standard Router change. Before router change we had CISCO836-K9-64 with  IOS c836-k9o3y6-mz. This model is out of sale so we used  Cisco  870  with c870-adventerprisek9-mz.124-15.T15.  The ServiceField technician call us regarding ...