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we have several uplink ports on a verity of cisco switches connecting to the nexus 7000, recording CRC errors.most are trunked ports with the following configuration.access switch:interface GigabitEthernet0/25switchport trunk encapsulation dot1qswitc...

broow by Level 1
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Hello!plz Examine the Attached Topology!i have 2 Distribution Connected togather Via L2 Link;GLBP Runing as a gateway Load BalencycONFIGURATION LOOK LIKE THIS: DS-1int vlan 10ip address 10 ip 10 priority 120glbp ...

alsayed by Level 1
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i have a question in route map , i have two routers connected as shown :R1-----------------------------------------R2im using eigrp protocols and here is the configuration :R1 interface Loopback0 ip address!         interfac...

Dr.X by Level 2
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Hi All,Am working with Cisco 4000 L3 Switch IOS ver 12.2I am finding runts error on most of the Gigabitports. All the interfaces are in 100 mbps Full duplex. But when I execute "Show controller" it gives the following output.=========================...

Dear all,I am trying to implement policing on some ports on a 3560 to limit the amount of bandwidth (e.g. 2M; 8M or 16M) a connected device can send into our network.My problem is that the policy map doesn't police properly. The configured bandwidth ...

consolero by Level 1
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I have a 2911 router where I was configuring the device t allow remote desktops connections. Everything is working properly, but for some reason my ACL has disappeared. Has anyone ever experienced this before!?!?!

browe-tfx by Level 1
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Hello Experts,I want to block below log message:Nov  3 11:15:30.584 UTC: %SBC-2-MSG-0303-0020-22098A-1584: Socket connect failed: No route to hostRemote address:           00000003 0A0A0102 Remote port:           5060(Debugging info: error code = 265...

Let's say I have a router A with OSPF and network and in area 0 to advertise.  It has two interfaces connecting to two other routers B and C also in area 0.  Router A's connecting interfaces are fa0/1 (to B) and fa0/2 (to ...

mmedwid by Level 3
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