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Resolved! Bizarre IP

Hi All,I have a very strange issue with one remote subnet IP address.I have a Datacenter Backbone which comprises of 2 Core Switches and 10 Rack Switches(2960Gs). We have 2 NTP servers, one at our Main DC and the other at the DR Site.Recently, I’ve b...

PPPoE Issue on 2960GS

Hi all,We have a small DSL network. We inter-connect in to our partners L2 network via a 1Gb fiber that terminates on to the SFP port of our 3560, this is then connected to a router that provides PPPoE. All worked fine until we went to do a swap out ...

ripwinder by Beginner
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Catalyst 3750 Radius Authentication-1

I am trying to configure 802.1x configuration on Catalyst 3750,I am starting as a creating new aaa model, by using "aaa new-model" command.But after I execute this command switch start to as for username and password on telnet session. How can I disa...

egemen1981 by Beginner
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questions on ospf

i have a few questions on OSPF1> can a interface be configured for more than 1 area?2> which is the OSPF version which supports multiple process?3> is it possible to archive link redundancy between 2 sites using the attached diagram? using different ...

cashqoo by Beginner
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Network Performance

Hi CSC,I am intrigued by this area. We have a few catalyst switches, mainly 2950 series, with Version 12.1(13)EA1 IOS. Using jperf, we are seeing drops in graph. See attached jpg.How to solve this issue?Next issue is that people are complaining of sl...

891 IOS ugprade

Hi,I have one router 891 with IOS c890-universalk9-mz.124-22.YB.bin and license. License Level: advipservices   Type: PermanentBecause i'm experiencing some "freezes"  i would like to experiment another IOS image, for example 124.22YB8 . In this case...

etmarcof by Participant
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Resolved! Overlapping question

Can someone here please clarify a question:If I have a vlan 10 IP set on a Layer 3 switch Can I stll assign to a layer 3 interface an IP address from the range eq My switch states that I cannot error: "172.1...

IP Services on VS-C65XX

Hi,Originally the client asked for a WS-C6504-E (will referre to this switch as "WS") with one supervisor 720 10G 3C and an IP Services IOS.Instead of this i wanted to quote a VS-C6504E-S720-10G (will referre as "VS")since it has the exact same super...

SNAP type in the "show arp" command

hello to everyboby,I have a strange situation on my 6509 (IOS 12.2(18)SXF17a).When I enter the "show arp" command, the output for only two hosts says "SNAP" in the type field instead the usual "ARPA".For all other hosts id "ARPA".What does it mean?Th...

strange result with show ip nat statistics

I see very strange in the result of this show command.the major thing I want to know: total addresses 9, allocated 10 (111%) 10>9, the device used over the total addresses it can be used (9)The detail command bellow.Have you seen this thing before?Th...

ngo duyen by Beginner
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Configure SPAN on Nexus 5K

We are implimenting the Sniffer infinistream from NetScout on our core routers. These routers are connected to the NEXUS 5K/2K switches and we need help in port mirroring. we had this on the Nortel passport switches and now they are replaced with the...

cmehul2002 by Beginner
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