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Dear Cisco,As we are trying to get midsize business more in to collaboration and small data centers we wish there was a Low TCO switch that has it all we need to create this environment. The environment of unified storage, unified communications, UCS...

Ruwel1977 by Level 1
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Resolved! MAC's on Switches

Hi all,Does each port on a switch have it's own MAC address?  I would think yes.  However, it seems like the MAC address rarely comes into play.  And here is my reasoning....Lets say a PC connects to port 3 on a switch.  Is the MAC of port 3 in the P...

Hello. I am looking to implement DAI to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks and I understand that DAI uses DHCP snooping.Given a typical campus network with layer 2 access switches and layer 3 on the core/distribution.Q1. It is necessary to configure D...

JW_UK by Level 1
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For intervlan routing, Is 'IP routing' command enabled by default on a 6500 series switches based on the IOS?and on 3750 switches, do we need to enable the "ip routing" command manually for intervlan routing?Request to please calarify.

Hello everybody,assume a router running EIGRP and OSPF. EIGRP is redistributed into OSPF Process, fine. Router learns two equal cost routes for a subnet via EIGRP, but redistributes only one into OSPF. Any idea why?sh ip rou 10.x.155.0Routing entry f...

DenyAnyAny by Level 1
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Hi,I am having 2 MPLS link configured in active/standby with HSRP for failover. the failover does work when primary link is completely down, but keeps on hsrp state change keeps on occuring when my link is flapping.I want to know that if my primary l...

Hello, I noticed a problem with connecting host to c3550-24 or c3550-48 through 10/half duplex. When In the network there is cisco catalyst c4948E. Let’s say that there is a network like on the diagram number  1.Diagram1.   C4948E -------1G---c3550-1...

Where can I final life-cycle dates for WS-C3560G-24TS-E and IE-3000-8TC?Yours,David StehleIntegrated Communication Networks,  Inc.(315) 655-8333 office / (315) 345-1177 cell(509) 461-0149 efax / AIM:  davidbstehle dstehle@icnsystems.com

dstehle by Level 1
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HiWhen the source of your span is (for example) a multi-gig port-channel, how do you send this to your destination if you are not able to configure a port-channel for a destination?For example, if you have 4 ports that comprise the source port-channe...

joneswill by Level 1
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Hi,Does anyone know how to configure ipsla such that cisco sends 2 pings packets before it marks the sla down?thx,Shelley

I just installed a new switch in a new area on our main campus. I've cabled 2 uplinks for redundancy to both our cores. Yesterday, when I installed them, g0/1 went green and lit up. I couldn't get g0/2 to go green. Today, I pulled the fiber out of th...