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Hi - Is there a way to leak aggregated 10/8 from GRT to VRF? I have all different 10.x subnets in GRT but I want to advertise them as single 10/8 to a specific VRF. Is there a way to do that on C9500 platform specifically? If I create a static null0 ...

Why would you add a string like "switchport trunk allowed vlan add 200-201", instead of just adding the VLAN's to the configuration? full config interface GigabitEthernet1/0/12switchport mode trunkswitchport trunk allowed vlan 1,10,20,30,40,60,70,80,...

The scenario is as follows, we have 2 F5 appliances in cluster and 2 Nexus N7K series. Each F5 appliance consists of an LACP 2 x 10G fiber connectivity. Each LACP fiber connects to a different Nexus N7K switch. The thing here is that we are trying to...

jcardona1 by Beginner
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I have faced a problem with Catalyst 3750 recently, after we installed POE IP CCTV by about 2 months the switch suddenly crashed except only 3 ports which have the NVR and 2 cameras connected to. After the replacement of the switch with Catalyst 9200...

Hi,This error happened after I 'shut' and 'no shut' the ports. Seems  Interface range command failed for GigabitEthernet0/17.I tried to 'no shut' the ports now, but it remains as administratively disabled or shutdown.Hardware issue? Cisco 3650-48-PS%...

getaway51 by Explorer
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I would like to know the meaning of each parameter output when the "show interface hardware-mapping" command is executed on the Nexus 9000 series. Especially "Block" and "BlkSrcID" ---------------------------------------------------------# show inter...

furushima by Beginner
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Hello, we have the following problem, when the IP source Guard and DHCP Snooping enabled, when the host is inactive and the record in the snooping table expires, the host cannot access the network when it is active again, while the record is still wo...

Rosseti by Beginner
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WS-C3850-12X48U 16.09.06Getting below errors.  Before changing out the stacking cable the up/down between the two switches would eventually drop the Access ports on the switch. how do I determine which switches stack port is bad?  13:35:47.639: %STAC...

dmooreami by Participant
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All, I have a switch that has the correct IOS image and its brand new from the box.  It booted properly and I unplugged it, racked it and it goes into ROMMON. When I initiate the boot flash:packages.conf command it boots properly but when I reboot th...

I have tried a couple of different console cables, laptops, and cisco devices. I am not able to connect to the console port. I am not getting any error messages it just looks like it's hung. At this point, I am not sure what the issue is. I tried to ...

yuli7641 by Beginner
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Hello Cisco Community, I am very new to cisco hardware and have some old gear that I have been tasked with setting up in a closed lab (no internet connection).  Does anyone know if the Catalyst 2960-X has an internal clock that is kept by the battery...

sobrien6 by Beginner
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Resolved! 2960 rommon tftp?

Does the 2960 support tftp when it rommon mode? Can you set a 2960 to download it's image from a tftp server? If not is there any other way to get he bin file on the switch without waiting for xmodem?Thanks

how i can mac bind in 3750x of ip phones. I have a 500 phones where all get ip address by subnet /23, is it possible to bind their mac through dhcp core server switche not a static on interfaces

aus by Beginner
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