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Hi every body.Let say we have enabled forwarding of broadcast on our router.  Please consider the following routing table.R via s0R via  s1R via s3scenario #1router receives a packet with destination ip 10.0.255....

sarahr202 by Contributor
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Resolved! BGP Thought Check

Conventional wisdom tells us that if we have 1 edge router that is multihomed to 2 different ISPs, the edge router should have its own AS and use eBGP to peer to both ISP routers.Why cant we just configure 2 default routes on the edge router, each on...

visitor68 by Enthusiast
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Hello All- We will be bringing up a second 6500 in our core for redundancy. Both 6500s have identical hardware and software; redundant SUP720s (WS-SUP720-3B) and a FWSM. We will also be upgrading the IOS on both as we would like to implement HSRP v2....

I have read many resources about VTP and not found an answer to some questions because often the informations seem inconsistent.First questionIt is not clear if "advertisement requests" are sent only from clients or also from servers.Second questionI...

i have one 3750 series layer 3 switch & 4 vlans configured on it as follows :Vlan 1vlan 2vlan 3vlan 4I want communication between vlan 2 & vlan 3 rest of others shud not be communicate with each other so,when i put "ip routing" is that all other vlan...

I have a 3560 and 3550 Catalyst switches on version 12.2 IOS.  I have one of the switches (Switch 1) with IPSERVICES for the IOS and the rest with IPBASE.  On the Services switch I have PIM sparse-mode configured for VLAN 1interface Vlan1 ip address ...

tnotter by Beginner
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HiIs it doable to forward VLAN 4 over a WAN Link in my scenario.My requirement is to have one PC in S2 to be on VLAN 4 and use IP -------------------- S2S1 connects to S2 over Private circuitOSPF is the routing protocol****************...