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Dear allI am a network admin of a small comp.We  have around 100 users.Right now we have flat network off all unmanaged  switches.We have web serever, database server and file server.Users use  web applications and file servers.We have an asa 5510 an...

soumik1979 by Beginner
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Jumbo Frame Across Multiple Switches

Hi,I hope someone can help me with this question.My network is set up as the diagram.I now need to turn on Jumbo Frames on to VLAN 30 for a storage network.To do this, i need change the mtu to 9000 on Switches A+C+DBy doing this....will this cause an...

criitdept by Beginner
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MTU Size on 6509

Hello guys,    Could you please let me know which command should i use to see the supported or confiured MTU size on my 6509..On 4507 its easy " show system mtu " .. But for some reason this command is not working on 6509... Is there any other comman...

Resolved! 2960S Switch Selection

Hello,I am in the process of procuring Cisco 2960S switches (24/48 ports) for data centers.All I need is 100/1000 mbps support with less than 10 vlans. Can I choose LAN lite model instead of LAN Base?Whats is the difference between SFP * 2 and SFP+ *...

avilt by Participant
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Resolved! CISCO 1841 ROUTER MAC ->IP TABLE ?

Hello,I am really new in this world , I have already read some CCNA BOOKS , but I would like to archive , does NOT work.I try to create a table with MAC addresses that will distribute a IP ADDRESS.My DHCP network is OK , but when I add ARP AAAA.BBBB....

Didier1966 by Beginner
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Resolved! Cisco Nexus TACACS username anomaly

Hi,I observed that the Cisco Nexus is not accepting TACACS authentication with usernames completely in numerics. Have any of you faced similar problem? Most of our tacacs usernames are our employee id (not AD) and unable to login. I've followed the p...

vijayaram by Beginner
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Resolved! ACL Problem

Hi,I'm a bit confused about using access-list parameters for a more secure inside access. I would like te setup the router only one server (WAN IP, 87.*.*) has access to the inside Exchange server, instead opening port 25 for everyone. I thought an A...

Resolved! CCP and IOS update

I have an 1811W router. and It looks like I will need to update IOS to use CCP.  My router currently has 12.3(8)YI1.  I have never upgraded the IOS, and used software advisor to find the latest available version, which the advisor says is 12.4, but i...

2960S Flexstack cabling depth

HiI wan to install a 2960S stack in an ADC patch frame that has a wall directly behind it.I will have about 100mm (4 inches) clearance between the rear of the 2960S and the wall.Is that sufficient clearance to install/remove the flexstack cables with...

Help with 851w

Hi, need some help. Not sure if this is possible but I have an 851w and I wanted to know if the USB ports could be used to connect an external USB drive. If so, how does one do that?

billbmcse by Beginner
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