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3750 stack port flapping periodically

Hello,We have a stack of six 3750 switches.  Periodically, the switch stack logs a message indicating that the stack port on one side or the other of the stacking cable or on both sides simultaneously, goes down, then one second later comes up:Oct 10...

DHCP Server on 6509

I have a 6509 with many VLANs and a seperate DHCP server to provide addresses.  I need to create an additional VLAN (VLAN 20) and I would like to use the 6509 as the DHCP Server for the new VLAN. I know to set up:ip dhcp excluded-address 2...

Chris Brun by Beginner
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Nat on Cisco 1841

Hi Forums,i am new on the CISCO IOS.. I am configuring my cisco 1841 with hwic-1t serial port but i have problems with nat for my LAN.The router "pings" all IP addresses but all LAN doesn't navigate. Where is my mistake ?interface Loopback0 descripti...

stemond79 by Beginner
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Buffer Misses

One of my main routers is getting a bunch of buffer misses, resulting in packet drops.  I have pasted output below:Genoa-C3845-Rtr#  sh buffBuffer elements:     1117 in free list (1119 max allowed)     445357378 hits, 0 misses, 619 createdPublic buff...

Resolved! Switch < > Switch trunk

Concept question.  In theory, if you have a daisy chained switch with a trunk inbetween where one end has allowed vlans specificed, the other end does not. WIll the VLAN traffic pass without fail?  Is that essentially allowing all VLANS both ways? IE...

Mac id based restriction in Layer 3 switch?

Hi,I have a Cisco 3560 layer 3 switch where I have 5 VLAN's. I have edge switches placed for each vlan for connecting the computers/laptops. A DHCP server in one of the vlan servs a dynamic IP if a user connects a laptop/computer to one of the port i...

Link-flap error detected on Cisco 3750

I have a 3750 switch that bridges our corporate office to our Ethernet Network. 1- The port that bridges corporate office to the Ethernet Network is a L3 interface.2- The port went into err-disable state, their was no recovery so the interface stayed...

IP conflict/duplicate addresses in Cisco LAN

Hello,How is it possible to detect/locate/discover a duplicate IP address in a network (LAN)?I have recently found in one of my LAN (remote site) that a switch has the same address as the virtual VRRP (adress of my two WAN devices). I had often many ...

Ayad by Beginner
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multi area ospf routing on 3750 switch

I'm planning to run multiarea ospf on cisco 3750 switch as a redundant path. I'm using 6500 switch for my primary path. Both 6500 and 3750 do ABR and ASBR.Has any one experience technical problem running multi area ospf on 3750 switch? I want to put ...

zappo0305 by Beginner
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