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I have a 4500-E that has a port channel setup to g7/4-6, when the Dell 710r server resets it unbundles from the port channel. It never rejoins the bundle.I have to reset module 7, for the server to join.Any help will be greatly appreciated.I am runni...

Dear all,My router's clock is...FirstFloor_SW1#sh clock12:03:49.649 MCT Tue Mar 15 2011#show logging..Mar 15 07:54:00:Two different times. Can you help me pls.My second question isTo avoide the flapping in my access switch,i have given the command as...

Dear All,I have configured VLAN2 as a Native Vlan by "switchport trunk native vlan 2" command.I used the command "sh int trunk" to check the Native Vlan status. But I got the Vlan1 as a Native Vlan, not the Vlan 2.Then I made a FastEthernet port on w...

Dear,I am attaching (nuera gx-1k) unified communication gateway with my Layer 3 switch 3560G and facing a problemThe voice gateway is working fine in VLAN 10, and the gateway is attached in vlan 10but the gateway's one ip is not access...

junshah22 by Level 1
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is there effect on lan if i enable dhcp on router . i mean machine get ip address from router and all other machine gateway is router while any other machine request for dhcp ip address . any effect on lan performance bandwidth , latency etc.

r.kukreja by Level 1
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We have a stack of 4 x 3750G-48PS-S which we use as an access layer switch in our network.These are new switches, currently only about 10 ports are active as we have not migrated everyone accross yet.I have noticed that on all active interfaces there...

Resolved! 6509 config

We have Cisco 6509, running IOS 12.2(18)SXF8, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc2).  Here are some of the default configurations:ipv6 mfib hardware-switching replication-mode ingressvtp domain BLDvtp mode transparentmls ip multicast flow-stat-timer 9no mls flow ip...

Haven't had any experience with the Nexus switches but been reading some of the docs and i noticed - 7000 Nexus "As Cisco's flagship switching platform, the Cisco Nexus 7000 Series is a modular switching system designed to deliver 10 Gigabit Ethernet...

i'm trying to get my router configured, and seem to be missing something.  feels like it's something easy, but i just can't see it.here's what is working/not working right now:- from the router, i can ping a.b.c.177, which is the next hop (a business...

Is there a MIB that will either tell what ports a vlan is associated to, or a MIB that can help us what ports and vlans are associated?  We are spacifically looking at reporting on trunk interfaces with multiple vlans allowed accross.Thanks,Duane R. ...

anerdyguy by Level 1
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Hi,We currently have a flat network, layer 2 switching, with a single vlan. We have already configured our 3550 switch so each port has a separate vlan. We setup the SVI and have f/01 as a routed port to the internet and inter vlan routing facilitato...

All,I have a strange thing going on.  Well, strange to me anyways.  We have a 3560 switch that does not have IP routing enabled.  However, when I do a show IP route I get a table with a couple of entries.  There is the table I see:IDF16-Switch01#sh i...

tohoken by Level 1
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