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IOS Upgrade gone bad

Hello,I have a 2611xm that I am trying to upgrade:I did the IOS transfer from the TFTP server:Erasing device... eeeeeeee ...erasedeeErase of flash: completeLoading tftproot/c2600-ipbasek9-mz.124-25d.bin from (via FastEthernet0/0): !!!!!!!...

Pete89 by Explorer
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Resolved! Netflow issue

Hi everybody,I need help regarding NetflowI have this message in log file:%EARL_NETFLOW-SP-4-TCAM_THRLD: Netflow TCAM threshold exceeded, TCAM Utilization [97%]I know that indicates the TCAM is almost full.I use sup 720 with PFC3BXI wanted to disable...

Resolved! 3750 model differences

HiWould someone be able to give me a quick rundown of the differences between the different 3750 models (vanilla/v2/e/x)? I'm having trouble getting anything useful from the product pages. Are the more recent ones going to replace the vanilla version...

Resolved! NAT inside global question

HiQuick question does the inside global NAT address have to be in the same subnet as the outside interface address or can it be a totally different publicly routed IP address, as long as there is a route back to it? CheersM

Nexus 7K vPC and VRRP

Hi All,anyone knows if VRRP is supported in two addresses way with vPC configuration?On Cisco Site i can see VRRP/vPC support but with this configuration (apart subnet errors...)http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/switches/datacenter/sw/5_x/nx-os/unicast...

4500 Switch -High Utilization

Hi ExpertsI am facing in between high utilization issue with cisco 4507 switch with Sup-6LE..I checked the output of show proc cpu and found that the following two processes are using most of the cpu cycles 53   183976532 813503058        226  4.55% ...

sameermunj by Beginner
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Cisco ACS 4.1

Hi all,I configured cisco acs 4.1 server and cisco AIR-WLC4402-12-K9, which support only 12 access points.Wireless users configured with mac filtering authentication. Mac address database is stored on cisco acs server.so the scenario is wireless user...

Nexus7K and ESX host teaming

Hi all,I have stand alone Nexus 7018 switch which is connected with 2 ethernet cables to ESX host (VMware V-Sphere 4).My goal is to create ESX host teaming for load balancing purposes between the N7K to the ESX host.I created Port-channel on the N7K ...

Timor_SSS by Beginner
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WAN etherchannel

I have 3750 stacks on both sites to terminate 2 x 100MB WAN links. I will configure etherchannel for the two links so that we have 200M bandwidth.1) As the WAN link down will not indicate down to the switch port, will LACP help to detect the link fai...

Enabling EHWIC card in 3925 router

We have a Cisco 3925 router with an EHWIC-4ESG card running on IOS image c3900-universalk9-mz.SPA.150-1.M2.bin.  A show diag shows this card as disabled/not supported.  Needing assistance to determine if the IOS code installed is the reason for the c...

swharvey by Participant
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Switching Issue

Dear Experts,I have been experiancing a critical issue and I am in need of your support to find out the cause.The issue is, My Backup servers and few other production server are in the same VLAN.Whenever Backup jobs are running I could see lot of pac...

Resolved! ICMP redirect, Dynamic IP Route generated on Servers

Here is my setup.Local Ofice----> WAN Links---->Remote DC-> Firewall -----Internet link.At Remote DC we have Windows systems, cisco switches/routers/VPN concentrator, AS400 systems, Checkpoint Firewall,load balancers, Bluecoat proxy etc.Sometime some...

avilt by Participant
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