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Since we now can use static routing in our 2960's with LAN Base image.1. Can we also configure routed ports, or are we stuck with SVI interfaces?2. Has anyone seen or done any performance tests for routing in the 2960? I would expect it to be good if...

Hello,I have a curious mac adresses in my cisco dhcp server as you can see below:sh ip dhcp bindIP address       Client-ID/              Lease expiration        Type                 Hardware address10.1.10.209   0152.4153.2000.0c29.    Dec 11 2010 06...

ju.mahieu by Beginner
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Hi,I am a newbie trying to understand CIDR.from my understanding, CIDR was introduced to replace the classful networking scheme having Class A, B and C of network addresses. Does this mean that an organization can be assigned an IP network of the typ...

Hi everybody!Our WS-C6K-CL= is not working in our WS-C6509. We wanted to replace it but found out that WS-C6K-CL= cannot be found in Cisco pricelist. However we found that CLK-7600= is available, but we cannot find any information on whether it's com...

igor.good by Beginner
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Hi,Suppose SWITCH A  has 10 VLAN configured. It is connected to SWITCH B  over an access port, VLAN 5. If there is some topology change in SWITCH B VLAN 5 and it generates a BPDU with TC Flag SET, whether SWITCH A will flush all the mac address table...

Dear all,I have the following port configurationinterface FastEthernet1/0/6 switchport access vlan 192 switchport mode access switchport voice vlan 160 no logging event link-status srr-queue bandwidth share 10 10 60 20 priority-queue out authenticati...

Please, can you help me with set of commands to setup uplink + VLAN in between two 2960g switches, to have VLAN1 including ports 1-10 on both of them, to have VLAN2 on ports 11-20 on both of them and to have port 24 as uplink in between.Thank youhttp...

peter.str by Beginner
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Resolved! Frame Forwarding

     I don't understand why a frame is forwarded out ports that the switch has already assigned MAC addresses to.Plz see diagram.

Hello, CAB-RPS2300-E= is having a length of 1.5 meters, we are looking for a cable length of minimum 5 meters, is there a alternate cable available for 5 meter length, regards

doralit by Beginner
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I have couple of 4500 switches which are running high CPU. Though i know it is process Cat4k Mgmt LoPri which is eating up CPU cycles, i am unable to determine what exactly is the root cause and how to fix it.Below are the commands for your reference...