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Hi to all, i was no able to understand the reason behind portfast configured on an interface that is in trunk mode.Usually, i know that port fast is used on access port in order to speed up the transmission of data by a final host, so whici is the fu...

Hi, all.i have 1p3q8t on our 6500 E switch modules  I just want to check something:If i dont need Q2, but only the priority queue (Q4) for voip, Q3 for signaling and Q1 for all other traffic, can i disable Q2 by configuring:wrr-queue queue-limit 65 ...

Resolved! HSRP instability

Hello everyone,I'm having a problem of hsrp instability. The scenario is two 6500 and one port-channel ( two tengiga ports - 6704). I started to notice hsrp instability and searching for one workaround i´ve found the ip spd command. This command has ...

Is it possible to build anetherchannel to 2 different switches ?I saw that on Nexus 5000 you can useVPC is there any way to do like thaton a Catalyst ex 2950.I now that it would be possible with2960S if you stack them.

ppcisco by Level 1
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Resolved! ios commands

Experts,some Cat os ouputs need to be used in IOS. It would be of great help if any experts can help with equivalent output in ios for below commands.set qos map 2q2t tx 2 1 cos 1set qos drop-threshold 2q2t tx queue 1 200 200set qos map 1p1q4t rx 1 3...

suthomas1 by Level 6
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Each connection is trunked.Native vlan is 2.Each switch has 2 ports dedicated for etherchannel.Also negatioation is setup for non.The top two switches on either side will be trunking 5 vlans.The below two switches will only be trunking etc.. 1 vlanCo...

We basically use Wireshark to sniff our traffic and we have a laptop with software called Sniffer on it, which analyzes the traffic and highlights any threats and groups traffic together so that you dont have trawl through loads of traffic. We want t...

Hi FolksI have an IBM Blade server connected to core with 6 GB(each NIC IS 1GB) With portchannel but i noted that color is  ORANGE blinking on the Server side,so how we start troubleshoot in the core and how to fix it?thanks

I need to stack new C3750X Switches together with older C3750G Switches.In that case the switches should have all identical software images.I tried it with the versions 122-53.SE2  but it didn`t work.The logging describes every time a  major_version_...

tziebarth by Level 1
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Dear All,            In our Company, we are using 3560 Switch as Access Layer Switch which is having latest IOS C3560-ipservicesk9-mz-122.55-SE.bin...Previously it is working fine..Last Two days, Switch is getting hang..After Restarting Switch, then ...

Resolved! IP Routing problem

I have a Cisco 2621 ( attached to a network ( the firewall is the gateway ( and I cant ping anything in the real word by IP or by name. As the gateway and the Ethernet port are on the same network I dont think I need...

Hi TeamI am trting to test multicast between two sites connected over WAN...SIte A is connected to Site B with DS3 link with  ethernet output.The DS3 link is connncteted between cisco 2851 router at each end.At Lan SIde Cisco 2851 router is conncted ...

Hi AllI need a help as soon as possible.I am copying a config file from flash to startup, which contains creating vlans and naming them. When I copy from Flash to startup and reload the router I am getting an error as BAD ended file and Vlans are not...

uthth1971 by Level 1
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Can anyone point me in the right direction?  I'm Wiresharking from a 6509 port configured as this:swC-1Z2#sh run int fa3/14Load for five secs: 2%/0%; one minute: 3%; five minutes: 2%Time source is NTP, 16:33:55.542 MDT Tue Feb 1 2011Building configur...

tmadden by Level 1
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